Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Music Emergency!

It's happened.  My playlist has expired.  When I was running yesterday I found myself skipping songs more often than not, because the songs irritated me.  Some of the songs on my current playlist have been there since Fall 2012, so it's no wonder; really it's past due.

Unfortunately, my half marathon is this Sunday, and I need some good tunes to keep me moving fast when the going gets tough.  So help me!  Leave me a comment with your favorite current running tune, and maybe your favorite all time running tune, maybe one that you don't use anymore but that was really great for a while.  (It might be new to me!)  I'll play too: My current favorite is "On A Roll" (Icona Pop).  One of my all-time faves that I don't really use anymore is "Rollin' With The Dead" (Go Periscope).

Other current musical running pick-me-ups include:

  • Katy Perry's "Roar", as well as the Glee version of the same.  Also, have you seen this awesome burlesque dancer's body-lovin' routine to this song?  Amazing.  (but NSFW).  Seriously.  Watch it.  Please.
  •  Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: "Can't Hold Us".  
  • T.I. ft. Rihanna: "Live your Life".  I somehow missed this when it came out and just heard it for the first time at the Turkey Trot last week and thought it was catchy, so I downloaded it.  
  • Miley Cyrus's "We Can't Stop".  Guilty as charged.  :P
Since this is too short to be a stand-alone blog post, here's another question.  Which of the three photos below do you think is the best race photo??  They're my top 3 of all the races I've ever done, but I don't know which one I actually like BEST.  

Option A:  The badass classic from the Groundhog Half Marathon, February 2013.  

Option B:  Just a "normal" race photo...except I don't look like shit.  Plus it looks like I'm winning!  This one's from the Martian Half Marathon, April 2013.

Option C:  Another awesomely hilarious one, from the Twinkie Run, April 2013.

Haha!  I love them all!  So leave me a comment:  A, B, or C on the photos, and some really good running music recommendations.  I really listen to any/all genres, so don't hold back!   


  1. I love all three pictures. I love the snow in the first one, you look great in the second one and the third one is a classic. Really, how often will you get a race picture holding a Twinkie and stuffing another one in your mouth.

    As far as the music I am extremely pedestrian in my tastes, and almost embarrassed to admit what I like and run to, but here goes: Airplanes: B.O.B., Born to Run:Springsteen, Breakaway:Kelly Clarkson, The Climb:Miley Cyrus, Dirt Road Anthem: Jason Aldean, Anything by Pink, Fighter: Chrstina Aguilera, A Little Less Conversation: Elvis, People Are Crazy: Billy Currington, The Road Goes on Forever and the Party Never Ends: Robert Earl Keen, Sweet Home Alabama:Skynyrd, I Don't Want This Night to End: Luke Bryan, Some Nights:Jason Manu, We No Speak Americano:Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup, Wake Me Up, Avicii, Between the Raindrops:Lifehouse, The Downeaster "Alex": Billy Joel, and Harper Valley P.T.A.

    These aren't all of the ones on my list, but these are the ones that either speak to me, make me smile, or make me kick it up a notch.

    You asked.....

  2. The snow picture IS really badass.

    As for music, my playlist could use a bit of a refresh too. I've been enjoying new music from Serena Ryder lately. The songs that made it on my running playlist include "Stompa", "What I Wouldn't Do", "Heavy Love", "Circle of the Sun", and "Hey There."

  3. I think A is super bad ass! I'd see that snow and go "NOPE!". Crawl right back into bed.
    Also, I did a post on my blog a while ago that has a WHOLE bunch of songs that are on my playlist.
    Also Every Monday I post a song that I think people should add to their playlists! :) I"d love to see what is on your current one... I'm all about the playlists.


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