Saturday, November 2, 2013

October Recap!

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Yay October!  October is my favorite month anyway, but it was even better this year because it's the first month I've felt back to normal in my running.  Here are some stats:

7 rest days!  Really 8, because 10/7 was just pilates.  

Monthly mileage chart.  Finally hitting reasonable mileage this month!  Not really doing any speedwork or specific workouts yet,  not sure when or if I will start that up.  I'm enjoying just running whatever pace I feel like right now.  
For those that have commented that I "ramped my mileage back up really quickly", I think this table shows that I  really did take it slow.  Both in volume and pace on the return to running. 

Weekly mileage plot.  

Don't pay much attention to the paces.  They include a lot of rest intervals and drills and stuff. 
I really like the training volume I'm at right now.  I'm not sure I'll increase my running mileage much more anytime soon.  It would be hard to anyway, if I stick with 3 days a week, which I want to.  Right now I'm at like a 5 miler, a 6 miler, and a 12 miler in a week.   I have two additional cardio days (one bike and one swim).  I think this is fine considering that I'm not really training for anything right now.  I do have a lot of races coming up in November, which I am super excited about, but I'm not following a plan for them and I don't have any specific goals.  I am doing the Iron Turkey (5K and 10K) at the A2 Turkey Trot November 9th, the 10K at the Kona Chocolate Run November 17th, and a half marathon November 24th at the Cleveland Fall Classic.

I do need to come up with a strategy for those races.  Anybody have any ideas?  I had been planning 12 miles on November 9th, so I should probably run the 9 miles of the turkey trot as a training run with a 3 mile add on at some point before or after or (more likely) split before and after as a warmup/cooldown.  I don't want to take it too easy, but maybe comfortably hard?  Somewhere between normal long run pace and race pace.  The Kona Chocolate 10K I said I wasn't going to race but I kind of want to.  I think my plan is to tag up with a pace group for the 1st half and then do whatever I want the 2nd half.  My current 10K PR is 53:13 (8:34 pace).  I'm not sure what pacers they'll have there so that will affect what pace I run the first half.  I was thinking the 55:00 pacer would be a good choice, if they have that.  And then I'm going to do the best/fastest I can at the half marathon the following week.  This will be three weeks of "racing" in a row but I'm only planning on balls-out racing the half so I think I should be fine.  Plus I am only running 3 days a week so I think I should have plenty of recovery time anyway.  I'll rest extra if I need to.  The last thing I want is to bring back knee pain, but I'm so excited to do some races again finally!  Only one week until the race series starts!  :D

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  1. I'll be pacing at Kona Chocolate Run and I'd prefer 55 min, but I don't know what I'll get.


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