Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Yoga and a Swim Nazi

I had an interesting morning this morning.  I am pretty cautious about running and recovery these days, so I still haven't run since my half marathon Sunday.  I completely rested on Monday, and decided yoga and swimming sounded lovely for today.  I'll run Wednesday.

I went to a yoga class at my gym, and was less than thrilled to find my least favorite yoga instructor subbing today.  I shouldn't say she's really my least favorite.  I love her class design, and I love love love her music, but I hate her style.  She's very...touchy-feely.  I would like yoga a lot more if the instructors didn't talk so much.  And touching me?  Yeah, hands off lady.  Quotes from today's class include "Sing into yourself", and "Give yourself a holiday hug", among other gems.   If it was just that I would be okay with it, but she also sneak-attacks you.  Here I am minding my own business, rocking a dragonfly pose* with my eyes closed (she is adamant that we close our eyes as much as possible), when all of a sudden this chick is rubbing my thigh and saying something about tightening my quad.  Okay.  PERSONAL SPACE PLEASE!

**I swear she called it a dragonfly, but what we were doing looked nothing like this, which is what I found when I Googled "dragonfly pose".  I wish!! 
Then, at the end of class when we're in our "final relaxation" or whatever they call it in yoga-ese ("savasana"?) she goes around to each person and does a little shoulder/neck press on you and then puts her hands on your face and forehead and does a weird rubby thing.  Ugh.  It reminds of the student hair salon I used to go to where they do a scalp massage that involves face-touching.  I hated that too.  One time I went she asked beforehand for those of us who didn't want groped to raise our hands. That was a nice.  I was a hand-raiser.  This time she didn't ask, so I had to subject my face to being fondled by a stranger.  Fun.

Yoga was from 9am-10:15am, after that I headed to the pool for a quick swim workout.   I had a really unbelievable experience at the pool.  I kind of thought the pool would be pretty empty since it was 10:30 on a weekday, but it was about as crowded as I've ever seen it.  They had a sign up in one lane that a class would be starting in the next 30 minutes, so nobody was in that one, then all the other lanes had 2 people in them except one lane, which just had one older lady in it.

I sat at the edge of the pool until she came to turn around and asked her if I could split with her.  What usually happens when this question is asked is that the other person smiles, gives a quick "sure", asks which side you'd like or just chooses one, and then goes about their workout.  Here's what happened today:

  • Me: "Hi, can I split with you?"
  • Her: *look of death, directed at me*.  "What's wrong with that lane?" (thumbs over at empty lane beside it. 
  • Me: "It's reserved for a class."
  • Her: "When does it start?"
  • Me: "I don't know, but there's a sign up that says there's a class."
  • Her, to me: "Yeah but WHEN".
  • Me: "I don't know exactly."
  • Her, to lifeguard:  "When is the class starting?"
  • Lifeguard: "Now."
  • Her: *another look of death at me, no words, but moves to one side of lane, and starts swimming*
Seriously??? I was shocked.  I mean, it's not like this is her own personal pool.  We all pay the same damn membership fee.  And everybody else in the pool was already splitting lanes, I'm not sure why she thought she should be so special.  Sheesh!  (I even looked at the lifeguard and shared my "sheesh!!" with him after she started swimming.)

"No swim for you!"
Then, maybe 3 minutes after I started my workout, another lady came to our lane and wanted to join us.  We would have had to circle for three people and I'm sure crazy Swim Nazi lady would have shit a brick if that were to happen.  I kind of hemmed and hawed about it trying to figure out how to warn her to go to another lane with a nicer occupant (we were all doubled at that point, so whatever lane she chose would have to go to circling).  She ended up saying something like "Well what do you want me to do?" and I kinda told her the whole story.  I said something like "I'm fine with it, but good luck with the other lady, she didn't even want to let me split!!"  Thankfully a lady in the lane next to us finished her swim and the new girl was able to go over there.  Close call.

Swim Nazi and I finished our workouts at about the same time and as I was gathering up my equipment and stuff I heard her grilling the lifeguard about the swim class and how it was unacceptable to designate such a large amount of pool real estate for that purpose.  The poor lifeguard was just like, "uh, you'd have to talk to somebody higher up than me".  LOL.  People are effing crazy.  Just move over already.

Other than the Swim Nazi drama, my workout was really good.  I'm feeling pretty strong in the pool recently.  Even though I'm still on the slow side, I keep thinking back to where I was back in April when I couldn't even swim with my head underwater with rotary breathing for 25 yards.  I've really come a long way when you think of it like that! Today's workout was a modified "Force" workout from my Swim Workouts for Triathletes book (Modified to shorten it.  It was 2600 yds as written and I only did 1600).  Here is the modified version I did:

warmup: 200 swim, 100 kick, 2x50 build (:15RI) 

1x200 pull (:20 RI) 
2x50 fast (:15 RI) 
1x200 pull (:20 RI) 
2x50 fast (:15 RI) 
2x200 pull n/s (:20 RI) 
2x50 fast (:15 RI) 

cool-down: 100 yd swim

It was mostly 2x50 yds fast, alternating with longer pull-only intervals.  My 50's were pretty consistently around 53 seconds (range 52.5-53.7) so I was pretty happy with that pace and the consistency.  Here's the data from my watch:
Or view in my training log.  
I'm glad I did yoga and swimming today.  My legs feel much better.  I'm ready to get back to running and lifting tomorrow, and then stuffing my face on Thursday!  Chewing is a workout, right??


  1. I have never tried a yoga class and one experience like that would probably scare me away for good!

    People like the Swim Nazi are a pain in the ass. Just chill lady! I've been going at ridiculously early hours to swim lately so I haven't had to worry much about sharing. I will gladly share with others if I'm in a lane first, but I hate asking others if I can share if they're there first. I've never encountered someone crazy like your lady so I don't know why I'm so intimidated, but it sure is nice to have a lane to myself when I can. Nice job with the workouts!

  2. I have dealt with the swim nazi thing before too. I hate sharing a lane but if you have to you have to. It isn't the other person's fault. Sheesh.

  3. That is crazy! I've never had anyone deny me before, although when I visted the JCC in Cleveland, they had a 3 person limit on each lane. Guess they have to make rules like that when you are busy. I would have maybe splashed a bit extra when going by the swim nazi :) haha!

    you made me laugh about the touchy feely yoga instructor...I'm fine w/adjustments, but massaging or other extended body contact, no thanks!


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