Saturday, December 7, 2013

Chicago Bound!!

I still haven't registered for any of the races I mentioned in my last post, but I did register for one that I DIDN'T mention last week!

It is the Polar Dash 14 miler in Chicago, January 11th.

At the time that I started looking at it, I didn't notice that it was a 14 mile race, and not a half-marathon (13.1 miles).  Oh well, guaranteed PR right?  I also will get a fleece jacket, a hat, AND a medal.  Wheee!

I have had this race on my "FYI Race Calendar" for a while, but hadn't seriously considered doing it, due to the hassle of travel.  (My "FYI Race Calendar" is basically just me sticking interesting races on my calendar with no regard for whether I would actually do them or not).  It turned out to be helpful this week, because we had our off-shift and weekend scheduling meeting with my work orientation group the other day.  I had to choose which week I wanted to work a weekend day (and choose an associated weekday off that week) and which week I wanted to work off-shift (3p-11p and 11a-7p).  I decided to make myself a long weekend for the Polar Dash!  Instead of my normal 7a-3p M-F, my schedule surrounding the race is Sun-Thurs 7a-3p before the race (Saturday), and then back to work at 3pm on the Monday after the race.  So I am off work from 3pm Thursday to 3pm Monday.  Perfect for a trip to Chicago for a Saturday race!

The only problem was that I didn't want to go alone.  For one thing, it is a lot more expensive to stay in a hotel by yourself, but also, no fun!  I posted requests for buddies to the Ann Arbor Runners facebook group and had some interest, but no firm commitments, and nobody that could leave Friday.  And so I was still in limbo and unwilling to register until I had at least one travel partner.  Luckily, I went to the Running Fit 501 group run this morning.  Now I have TWO buddies!

The 501 coach actually heard that I was considering it and said she was interested.  Within a few hours she had booked us a hotel and two tickets on the Megabus to Chicago!  I also mentioned it to the girl I ran with today (who I had never met before) and she was interested too, so now we're all three going!  It is going to be awesome (and cheap!).  With the three of us splitting a hotel room, it is only $90 per person (total for both nights), and the bus tickets were only $45 a person too (just a 4 hr ride).  AND it's a nice hotel.  We're leaving Friday morning and returning Sunday evening.  By the way, if anybody else wants to come, feel free!  We can fit one more female in our hotel room I think (if you're someone I know, at least a little!), or if you want to get your own room or bring your own crew that works too, we can meet up there.  I'm (obviously) excited! (ADDENDUM:  4th female spot taken by the one and only Michelle!)

(I just want to say, I love runners.  I love my running groups, and I love runners, and I am so glad that I faced my fears and mustered up the courage to go my first group run back in 2011.  My life would be so much suckier if I hadn't.   That also goes for all my blog and twitter running friends too, you guys rock.  Double thanks to those of you that emailed me personally after the personal news in my last post. Thank you running community!)

The group run this morning was great.  "Group run" is kind of a stretch, since I showed up at 8am based on the calendar, but apparently most people went out at 7:30.  Oops.  It was okay though, because I got to meet and run with Chicago Buddy #2.  We were both planning 10 miles, but she had planned like an 8:45 pace and I had planned 9:45 pace.  We ended up compromising, averaging 9:10 min/mile for the entire run.  It must have been cold, because I kept my hat and gloves on the whole time.  It's not very often that my gloves survive an entire run.  I remember checking the temp when I left and it said 16 degrees, but with no wind, and I'm sure it warmed up a bit after the sun came up.

Mile splits.

Not sure what's up with that 9:54 2nd mile!  Let's blame it on the uphill.  But the fast pace the last 2.38 miles has absolutely nothing to do with the downhill, okay? :P
Pace and elevation. 
Here is a post run pic of CB#2 and I. 

When I run, I try to look as much like a burglar as possible!  Also, FYI, I HATE V-neck anything, and for the record that is a zip-up turtle neck type shirt, but it had started chafing my neck really badly so I had to unzip it.  In case you wondering.  CB#2 is looking all like WTF, why is this girl I just met making me a take a picture with her.  The answer, dear CB#2, is 1) because I need pictures for my blog, and 2) because I'm making a conscious effort to be more outgoing and try to make friends.  I think we can call today's effort a raging success, don't you?!?

After the group run today I spent the entire day shopping.  I needed clothes that aren't running clothes or scrubs for partying in Chicago!  And also for dating, since I am a soon to be send me your number!  (Kidding. Please don't do that.)  

Oh, BTW, I am leaning toward NOT doing the Sandusky Santa Shuffle since I am doing this Chicago thing.  It's still a possibility though.  Especially since this one turned out to not be an official "half-marathon" at all.  And, if somebody wanted to split a hotel room and carpool with me.....  :)

Here's a feel-good song to go with my feel-good post.  You're welcome. 

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  1. The Chicago race sounds fun. Congrats on finding buddies to go with you. It does make everything more fun. When I ran this afternoon it was 26 degrees and I thought I was being tough. I6 degrees is hard core! Probably another reason you are faster than I am.


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