Friday, December 20, 2013

Hello Kidney

Here is my workout schedule so far this week:

Sunday: bike ride on the trainer
Monday: swim
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: rest (and stayed home from work)
Thursday: rest
Friday: rest

Why all the rest, you ask?  Well, Tuesday I nearly passed out at work and then developed a fever in the evening (probably had one earlier in the day too, but didn't check my temp).  Given my persistent flank pain since Friday I decided to go to the after-hours clinic, where I discovered my temperature was 104 degrees.  Whoops.  The doctor was at a loss for a diagnosis after a chest x-ray, urinalysis, and flu test were all negative/normal.  He sent off some labs and sent me home with Tylenol.

I don't know why this image exists, but it does, so I am using it. 
The next day he called with lab results indicating a positive urine culture, elevated WBCs, and a diagnosis of a kidney infection, given my concurrent flank pain.  Guess that's what my "pseudo side stitch" was from my long run last week!  And the reason those 8 miles were some of the worst in my life.  I knew it wasn't just the snow and wind and cold! I'm on antibiotics now, and feeling fine as long as I keep up with the Tylenol.  If I take 650 mg I'm good for 6 hours, if I take 1000 mg I'm good for 8 hours, every time I hit those limits it seems the fever comes back and I'm back to bed with chills and a fever until the Tylenol kicks in again.  I stayed home from work Wednesday because I didn't have a diagnosis yet, but went back Thursday since I knew I wasn't contagious and that I'd feel fine with the Tylenol.
Then I found this picture, which is also kind of funny, and couldn't decide between this one and the earlier one, so you get both.  Although I did make this one the title of this blog post, so perhaps that means I like it better? 
I've been tempted to workout, since I mostly feel fine when I'm medicated, but have opted against it.  Partially because it's probably not healthy to do so, partially because I'm lazy and using this as an excuse, and mostly because I'm busy with packing and moving and studying for a test for work on Monday.  I have to say, having had both illness and injury keeping me from running in recent history, I much prefer illness.
Max loves that I'm moving because there are boxes.  That is his "why are you taking my picture, asshole?" look.  It's pretty much the only one he has.  Or variants of it, like "why aren't you feeding me, asshole?" and "that was my spot on the bed, asshole", etc.  Cats are awesome. 

Wednesday I took a carload out to my new place and decided to clean the bathroom since it was kind of  a pit and it would be one less thing to do when I move in this weekend.  I really wish I would have taken before/after pictures, but I didn't, so this is the only one you get:

That would be a disposable surgical gown and N95 mask that I got from work.  And no, I'm not contributing to high healthcare costs.  We get fitted for those masks every year and they give us the mask they used to test the fit, which I always keep for fumes and dust when doing things like this.  As for the gowns, they come in our table set up packs but we don't use them (we use reusable sterile gowns) so the blue ones get tossed directly in the trash without ever being used.  Unless a kind soul like me rescues them from.)  I also rescue wasted gloves and lap sponges.  All great for cleaning!   
Today/Friday I overslept and had to wake up my soon-to-be-ex-husband and beg him to drop me off at work so I could get there on time (vs. taking the bus from the parking lot), which he did.  I have the best soon-to-be-ex-husband in the world.  He also is my only moving assistance for tomorrow, and provided me with tylenol and pretzels this evening when I was too cold and feverish to venture out from the covers this evening.  This is why you shouldn't burn your bridges.  You never know when you will need Tylenol and pretzels and a ride to work.

Tomorrow/Saturday will be "rest", in that I'm not working out, but have a U-Haul on tap and plan on finishing up my move.  Sucks because it's supposed to be cold and rainy (and, you know, that kidney thing), but if I'm anything it's a BAMF.  C'est la vie.

There are 11 days left in 2013 and 5 days left for me in my twenties.  I really have a lot to say about that so I hope/plan to do a recap post in the coming days.  For now, I'll just say that 2013 and 29 was probably the best year of my life so far, despite a injury that kept me largely out of running for more than half the year and an impending divorce.  Here's hoping it's not downhill from here....


  1. DAMN! it's always something (to quote the great Roseanne Roseannadanna)

  2. The running in the snow post I spoke on.
    (oh, and Nurse, heal thyself.)


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