Saturday, December 21, 2013

Moving Day

I (we) did it!  Moving day is over.  I had previously taken 3 carloads, and today was the U-haul day for the "big" stuff (bed, dresser, shelves, etc).  It would have been nice if it wasn't raining all day, but it wasn't too bad.  Jeff was awesome and helped me load everything up, drive it to my new place (in South Lyon), and unload it (and take the UHaul back to Ann Arbor).

Me and all my shit. 
I would like to know how and when I amassed all this shit.  I remember a time (college) when pretty much everything I owned fit into a VW Golf hatchback.  Those were the days.  Now, apparently, I need 3 1/2 hatchbacks and a 14' UHaul.  Although, obviously, there is plenty of room to spare in that UHaul.  Vertically anyway.

I feel bad for my poor roommate.  I asked if he had any storage space in case I couldn't fit all my stuff into my room.  He said, yeah, sure lots of space in the basement.  Here's what I ended up with:

Um, oops. 
I'm going to try to unpack as much of it as I can into my room, and also throw away/sell/donate a lot of it too.  Of course that would have been smarter to do BEFORE I carried it all here, but that would have taken me a lot longer to do than just boxing it up and moving it.

Aside from the physical pain (ooowwww, my back!) I actually kind of like moving.  It's a good chance to take inventory, downsize, and organize.  I'm not super super organized, but I aspire to be.  Knowing exactly what you have and where it is is heaven.  :)  I'm also kind of excited to have less space.  Less to clean, for one thing, and more challenging from an organizational standpoint.  I like a good challenge.  Sometimes.  I'm pretty happy with the progress I made today.  My room is 10'x10' so I had to do a lot of vertical storage.
Function over form!!  Packed a lot onto that wall.  That dresser extends all the way to the door (I can't even open the door the whole way because of it.  I'll probably add more tomorrow as I unpack the basement. 
Poor man's nightstand :) 
The closet is big enough, at least!  I don't know why my boots are leaning to one side.  That's annoying.  I didn't notice it until looking at the photo.  
Tomorrow I'm planning on picking up some bed risers and underbed storage bins, to make use of that space.  The kitchen is going to be the real problem.  I have my own bathroom so I can organize all my stuff in there as I please, but the kitchen is shared, and there's not much cabinet space.  AND everything (like, fast food & restaurants) is a lot further away than I'm used to, so I will have to do a lot more meal planning and grocery shopping than usual, which will be a challenge with no place to put the food....  I don't have to worry about that just yet though.  I work on Monday but then am going to Pennsylvania for a couple days for Christmas, so I won't worry about food until I get back.

Tomorrow I'm hopefully getting back on the workout wagon, so it will be back to your regularly scheduled programming on this blog, for better or worse.  (:

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