Sunday, December 15, 2013

Slacking, Snow, Pseudo Side Stitch, and Shower Squats

This week has been kind of a slacker week for me, workout-wise.  I had a lot of things to do (haircut, haircut redo, new glasses, painting my new place, moving a couple carloads into the new place, etc).  That, plus a really crappy work week led to a lack of motivation I guess.  Workout recap for the week:
  • Monday: Normally a rest day, but I swam, so that I could paint on Wednesday.  
  • Tuesday: Haircut, then 5 mile run with a buddy (a cold one!), but I ditched my post-run strength training due to a A2Runners social meetup downtown.  So instead of strength training I had a veggie burger, sweet potato fries, and more liquor than was strictly necessary for a Tuesday evening. 
  • Wednesday: Rest day.  Went up to my new place with a carload of stuff and put a layer of paint on. 
  • Thursday: Haircut touchup/redo, picked up my new glasses (sorry, don't have a photo yet).  Planned on 6 miles plus strength training but it was 0 degrees and after dark by the time I was ready to run.  I was freezing just sitting inside the house, so I had bundle WAY up just to get the courage to go outside. 
I wore giant thick mittens (they're not even running mittens!) and THREE pairs of pants!  Of course I was terribly overdressed and by mile 1 I had to ditch the mittens and the hat.  I would have loved to have ditched the top pair of pants too but that's awfully hard to do while running.  I ended up aborting after my first 3 mile loop brought me back to my house because I really had to pee, and would have had to have taken off a pair of pants in order to go back out again anyway because I was so hot, and really, because I just didn't f***ing feel like it.  I did do my strength training afterward, at least. 
  • Friday: Rest day again.  Took another carload out to my new place.  He said it should be ready today (Sunday), so I will do my "official" move next weekend.  (The one where I move my bed and clothes and everything and start actually living there.)
  • Saturday: Snow!! Went to the group run downtown with the intent of 12 miles, but given the snow (first Yaktrax run of the season!) and the hilly course, I knew I was likely to call it quits early.  I did.  I turned around at mile 4 for 8 total.  It was really a difficult run for me for some reason.  Usually I don't mind the cold and snow and everything, but I was NOT feeling it yesterday.  The last 3 miles were brutal.  Coach did get a cool frosty eyebrow/eyelashes photo of me afterward though! 

After the group run, I had some strength training planned, but I was so cold, I decided I'd get in the shower first, then lift, and then shower again.  Of course once I was in the shower I knew the lifting probably wasn't going to happen.  So I did 3x10 single leg squats and 3x10 calf raises in the comfort of a hot shower.  Plus some stretching.  Multitasking FTW.  I'm actually pretty happy that I got any workout in at all on Saturday.  I woke up in the middle of the night Friday night with pain under my lower ribs on the right side of my abdomen.  It is worse when I take a deep breath or when I lay on my left side.  It kind of feels like one of those side stitches you sometimes get while running, except it's just there, all the time.  I thought about skipping the Saturday run because of it, but it's not excruciating so I went anyway, and basically ran the entire 8 miles in the snow and wind with a "pseudo side stitch".  No wonder the run sucked.  It's still there, maybe a little worse now (Sunday).  No idea what it is.  Probably a pulled muscle or something, since it's not tender to palpation and I otherwise feel fine.  Other theories include gall stones and liver cancer.  Most likely cancer.  Definitely not a pulled abdominal or intercostal muscle from moving boxes on Friday. ;) 
  • Sunday:  So far today I haven't done anything but shovel snow.  Biking and strength training are on the schedule, but I have to put a trainer tire on my bike before I ride it inside.  I've been riding on the trainer with my regular road rear tire a few times now and it's finally starting to show some wear from it, so I have stop before the tire is completely ruined.  I've never actually changed a tire by myself before, so this could be interesting.  On the bright side, I get to stay inside and watch Doctor Who on Netflix while I ride, so that's a win.  
We got a good 6-8 inches Saturday I'd say. 
Total skipped things this week: skipped strength training Tuesday, dropped 3 miles on Thursday, dropped 4 miles and skipped most of my strength training Saturday, Sunday is TBD but not looking good.  Let's call it a recovery week, eh?  Does anybody even remember the last time I've been to a pilates class??


  1. I love that pic with the frosty eyelashes and brows! Not too shabby of a week girl! And watching Doctor Who on Netflix on the trainer sounds amazing...just might do that tonight. Last week I was like "okay, going to go at an easy pace, but sprint every time they say "Doctor!"" Of course I was watching an episode where they chanted his name during a soccer game...had to keep count on my fingers how many times I heard it so i could sprint even longer....whew!

    Do you have the power meter that goes with the trainer? I think I decided not to get one. How do you judge how fast to go?

  2. Did your side stitch go away?! I went for my second postpartum run yesterday, pushed myself a little too hard, and this morning I woke up with a pretty hefty side stitch type pain! I figured it was likely just from running, but I couldn't find anyone who experienced something similar except for you!


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