Thursday, January 2, 2014

A weird day, and the run that tried not to be.

Today was an interesting day.

I set the alarm 30 minutes early so I could get a head start to work since we got about 7 inches of snow and the snow maintenance sucks in Ann Arbor.  Plus, it was my first time driving to work on bad roads from my new place (about 18 miles away from work, versus my previous 3 miles).  Turns out the bulk of my commute was just fine, although most other people in the area were not so lucky.  The road I drive in on just happened to be one of the best cleared that I saw anywhere today.  Win.

So yeah, I got to work pretty early since my commute didn't take as long as I expected.  After I got off the bus and walked into the hospital, a girl went down on the floor right in front of me (on carpet, INSIDE), apparently effing up her knee in the process.  I grabbed a wheelchair and helped her into it and started rolling her toward the ER (perks of working in a hospital!) when this other lady came up to us, and it was very....odd.

Weird lady: "Are you taking her, or do you want me to?".  (I don't think she knew the fallen girl.)
Me:  "I have time.  I can keep going." (Given that I had already gotten the wheelchair, put her in it, and started rolling away and all.)
Weird lady:  "I have time too".
Me: <Umm, okay. This is weird.  Are we fighting over driving a wheelchair to the ER??>  "Okay, it doesn't matter to me, take her if you want to"
Weird lady, to me:  "You can go ahead."  (By the way, I had been walking/pushing this whole time, obviously, not standing in the hall with the girl in pain, so we were probably halfway there already.)
Weird lady, to fallen girl: "Happy New Year!"
Me, assuming this was sarcasm, because....yeah: <Laughs out loud>
Weird lady, to me:  <Look of DEATH>  "It's really not funny."
Me: I actually don't remember what I said.  Something about the fact that telling Happy New Year to a girl with a newly sprained knee was actually very funny indeed.

People are so freaking weird.  Seriously.   I still think the fact that she ended the interaction with newly crippled girl with "Happy New Year!" was freaking hilarious, but even if I had laughed about the situation in general, I mean, who cares?  The girl was okay, it's not like she had a stroke or something. And she was just sitting there, not like she was in tears or anything.   If it were me I would think it rather funny that I fell on the CARPET on my first day back to work after the holiday, after schlepping through ice and snow to get that far.  Lighten up and don't take everything so seriously!  Sheesh!

This post was lacking photos.  Thank you internet, for this gem.  
And then I rolled away, helped her check in to the ER, and then went back upstairs to work.  At 3:30pm after a day of brain biopsies (I really like neurosurgery so far!), I left work, with the plan of heading to the gym to run on the dreadmill.  I hadn't run since Monday.  Tuesday was a rest day, and Wednesday I ditched the run in favor of a ride on the bike trainer, so today was the day.  I had packed a gym bag and left it in my car so I could go straight to the gym after work, but when the time came I wasn't really feeling it.  When I'm scrubbed in all day I am standing the whole time and usually benefit from a bit of a reset before my workout.  Plus I was a little hungry.  So I decided to go to my optometrist because I needed a copy of my prescription and possibly to send my glasses away for replacement under warranty (the decorative metal piece on the side had fallen out).  This was probably a terrible idea today, because the roads in the city of Ann Arbor were shitaculous, and nobody knows how to drive, and my optometrist is on the complete opposite side of town from where I work.  But, off I went anyway, because, sure.  The real reason was that I realized I had forgotten to pack my contact lens (yes, singular, I only wear one, in my good eye), and I was hoping they would also give me a freebie so I could use it at the gym and not have to wear my glasses.  They did!  As I put my new contact lens in my gym bag, I realized I had also forgotten to bring any kind of sweat management device for my head (ie a bandana or Halo headband).  This is absolutely unacceptable.  I am a ridiculously heavy sweater when I workout ANYTIME, but even more so when I'm indoors running on the dreadmill with no moving air (less evaporation).  They have towels at the gym of course, but I would be constantly wiping my face and it would undoubtedly ruin my run, so, obviously, I went to Target and bought a couple bandanas.  And a snack.

Finally, I was ready to get my workout on.  So I hopped on the highway and headed toward my gym.  Or, I THOUGHT I headed toward my gym.  I actually headed exactly the opposite direction (South instead of North on US-23) and didn't realize it in time to catch the first exit to turn around so I had to go to the next (about 6 miles total the wrong way I think.  And 6 miles back to my start point, of course.  None of which occurred very quickly, thanks to bad roads, cars in ditches, jack-knifed semis, and copious rubbernecking on the part of the other drivers).

Strangely, despite all the bumps in the road, it didn't actually occur to me to not run.  I briefly considered going home and running outside initially (back when I first realized I didn't have my contact lens), but I decided against it because I didn't feel like fighting the snow and ice and dark, even with my yaktrax, headlight, and reflective gear.

FINALLY, I made it to the freaking gym.  As I got close, I was thinking, "Oh, it will probably be really quiet, because of the crappy roads and weather."  Ha.  Silly me.  I forgot that it's January 2nd.  So of course it was packed.  Happy New Year's Resolutions to all!

Okay, while these photos, and others like them do give me a chuckle, I want to say that I actually have nothing against "Resolutioners".   I'm a big fan of more people getting after it at the gym or running or whatever because it's freaking awesome.  So, dear resolutioners, I hope some/most/all of you are still with us in a couple months/years!  Make it fun, don't worry about your weight, and enjoy.  Especially when I'm secretly racing you on the treadmill.  
In the locker room, I learned a few things.  First, I learned that I actually DID have my contact lens all along.  I had placed the case in my shoe.  Doh.  Second, keeping your gym clothes in your car in 15 degree temps all day makes them REALLY uncomfortable to put on.  Doubly so for the heart rate monitor strap.  Yikes!

At 5:24 pm I finally started the treadmill.  I had planned a 1 mile warmup (10:00 ish min/mile), 3 miles at tempo pace (8:45 ish), and a 1 mile cooldown (10:00 ish).  Unfortunately, the guy beside me was running at 6.4 mph, so I had to basically skip the warmup and bump my speed to 6.8 mph, because of course we were racing.  I had no choice in the matter.

Final workout stats: 5 miles in 45:45.  Heart rate plot shown below:

Yeah, I copped out and took a little break and dropped the speed a bit at around 27 minutes / 3 miles.  I was tired, and the mill sure is a freaking drag, even with the best music.  I turned the speed back up from mile 3.5-4.5 though, and then did a cool down jog from mile 4.5-5. I need to put a new battery in my foot pod so that I actually have pace plots for indoor runs, instead of just heart rate.  Not to mention to get my cadence reading back.  I think my form has been reverting without it.  I especially notice myself overstriding/scissor-striding on the treadmill, but I also notice it when I wear my heavier shoes and yaktrax.  Harder to keep the cadence with all that weight on your feet.  In both cases, my knee has been a little sore after running recently.  

After my run I busted out a 30 minute strength workout (pushups, tricep dips, planks, hamstring triple threat, single leg press on the machine, clamshells, single leg glute bridges....I think that's it....) and then took a detour to Subway for dinner, where my favorite sandwich artist gave me an extra cookie, as usual.  If Subway cookies weren't my favorite food in the entire world, perhaps I wouldn't have eaten all three of them, but since they are, it was really a no-brainer.  :)

I made it home around 8pm, making for yet another long day away from home (left at 5:30am).  Monday was just as bad, with me leaving at 6am and getting home at 9pm.  Tuesday I was gone 9:30am-midnight.  Why am I even paying for this room?!  I should just sleep in the call rooms at work and shower at the gym.   :P

And with that, I conclude this random, and unnecessary, play-by-play of my day.  You're welcome.  I promise to have more relevant and thought-provoking content in the future.  Occasionally.

Good night!

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