Friday, January 10, 2014

Commuting Sucks

The infrequency of my blog posts recently has been appalling.  So has the frequency of my workouts, actually.  I blame my drive to work. 

Prior to moving out of my house, I lived about 2.5 miles from work.  Now, it’s about 20 miles.  Couple that with some downright shitty driving weather the past week and I suddenly lose 2 hours of my day to commuting.  Disastrous. 

Also, I have been spending a lot of time looking for a new place, back in the Ann Arbor area, so I can get myself out of this predicament.  Also, also, my knee hurts.  :(  Again.  It has been hurting since my 10 miler last Saturday (which apparently took place in minus 15 degree windchill (I think like 7 degree actual temp), but I don’t believe it because I didn’t have anything covering my face and had my jacket tied around my waist.  Sometimes I think I should move to Minnesota or Alaska or something, given how much I don’t mind the cold.  Even when it was minus 35 windchill on Tuesday I just wore a light fleece jacket standing at the bus stop to and from work, and was fine.  All around me people were just plain eyeballs (everything else was covered, and they’re still jumping around and shivering.  My temperature regulation is so weird.  I can be lightly clothed, outside in subzero temps and be perfectly warm, but inside sitting on the couch in 65 degrees and I’m freezing.  I don’t get it.  I must just have to be on my feet to generate body heat.

Anyway, I don’t think my knee was hurting so much from the distance, but from wearing my heavier shoes and yaktrax and stepping on snowy sidewalks and such on Saturday.  I think I mentioned before that my knee seems to be worse in those conditions, and also on the treadmill because I seem to really screw up my stride.  I ended up resting Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, for a variety of reasons.  Sunday I was stranded in Ann Arbor (stayed at Jeff’s in Ann Arbor after work due to road conditions) with no gear other than swimming stuff and no pool to go to (gym closed due to the weather).  Monday night I stayed in Ann Arbor again due to icy roads, and I wasn’t feeling the greatest so that became a rest day too. (The only option was swim or rest, because I still didn’t have any other gear, since I hadn’t been home since Sunday at 5am and hadn’t planned on staying in Ann Arbor).   Turns out that was probably a good call because I got lightheaded during surgery on Tuesday and had to take a break in the middle of the case because I was afraid I was going to pass out onto the patient.  After that happened, skipping  working out Tuesday was basically a no-brainer.  Which was kind of sad, because it was super super cold and I wanted to run outside in it, just for badass effect.  :P  Oh well.  Hopefully it will be minus 35 again soon.
So my workout week ended up as follows:

Saturday: 10 mile run outside

Sunday: rest (unless you count copious shoveling of snow at Jeff’s!!)

Monday: Rest (shoveling at Jeff’s!)

Tuesday: Rest (shoveling again, this time at home!)

Wednesday:  40 minute run on the indoor 1/8thmile track, plus 55 minute total body strengthening group class at my gym.  I actually really enjoyed running on the track.  I kept a good pace, listened to my music, and had fun racing and lapping people.  It was nice to not have to slog it out through the snow, which doesn’t always feel like “running”! 

Thursday: 1 mile swim

Friday: Rest!  On the megabus to Chicago as I’m typing this!  (Typed at 9am, published much later). 

Saturday: 14 mile Polar Dash race in Chicago

I’m okay with it.  I can call this week a taper week in preparation for the race.  :P  Plus it was a nice vacation.  I also did a lot of high quality eating the past week.  I went to Applebee’s with Irina last Friday (after a shitty, snowy, trafficy drive all the way to Waterford!)  where I ate every bite of my 3-course meal (it was awesome).  Saturday I picked up a Jet’s boat (basically a big calzone/Stromboli) and of course didn’t leave any leftovers from that either.  Sunday Jeff and I went to Coney Island and I had a fried chicken pita and French fries (my favorite!).  (Yes, that is my soon-to-be-ex husband I’m referring to.  I told you it was an amicable divorce).  I’m not worried about gaining weight from eating crap and not working out this week.  I’ve been somewhat successful at not worrying about weight or calories or all that crap the past several months.  If I listen to my body and eat what I want when I’m hungry it all balances out.  I actually am down a few pounds (I’m below 150 which is exceedingly rare for me, and had to downsize to the small scrubs from the machine at work).  I eat a lot less junk in general now that I’m not trying to lose weight than I ever did when I was trying to.  More on all that in another post (hint: it's not as simple as it sounds.  Well, actually, it is, but getting there is a challenge.)

 I just realized this post was supposed to be about commuting.  I’m easily distracted.  Yeah, commuting sucks.  I feel like all I do is drive these days, and the roads usually look something like this (below) recently, or worse, since this was near the beginning of the storm, and before the big freeze after the storm that turned everything into a sheet of ice.  

So everything takes twice as long.  I looked at a couple places in Ann Arbor yesterday and have some good options so I will probably be moving again in the next month or so.  It sucks because I really like my current roommate, I think the rent money is a nice help to him, and I like the place and the price, but the value of the time lost while driving is just too big to ignore.   Plus if I’m close to work I can pick up lots of on-call shifts, which means big $$$$.  Win. 

Expect a big recap from my trip to Chicago sometime next week!  (If I can ever find time that I'm not at work, driving, or searching for housing.  Or, if I'm being honest, chain-streaming Doctor Who on Netflix....)

Home theater.  Including candy.  :)


  1. Love David Tennant! Sorry about your knee. And I do think you are crazy about the weather! We are not as snow capable down here but still got a lot of snow and work (my work does not deal w/life or death, so that was okay!) was cancelled for two days, some schools have been closed all week. Have fun in Chicago!

  2. Yay Doctor Who! :) My workouts have totally suffered since it got cold out. All I want to do is Hibernate in my apartment and watch hulu and netflix!

  3. I can totally relate to the crappy commute. Mine is about 20 miles too and this week sucked. It definitely wasted a lot of valuable time! I hope things went well in Chicago and that your knee was okay. Hopefully they had a "heat wave" there like we had here (versus earlier in the week) and it wasn't icy.

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  5. Also a Whovian here. I haven't had time to post or read hardly anyone's things lately. I hear the commuting thing so much right now, as I'm pulling a Flint to Lansing/Grand Ledge commute.and (on a good day) losing almost 2 1/2 hours to a commute. Also, it's not even for a real job, just me temporarily helping my company Seriously f**k this! Just fire me so I can have time to find a real job before I slide off the road and kill myself.

    I miss reading yours and everyone else's blogs so much, but with the title and the stupid weather lately, I had to read this one. Hope you have a wonderful 2014, and I'll probably see you eventually. Most likely somewhere way ahead of me where a course doubles back.


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