Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday. 'Nuff said.

My day started off with a bang today.  A bad bang.  I must attract idiot a**holes.  Here's the story:

I got to the parking lot at work and pulled in.  I opened my driver side door, leaned over to grab my backpack, got out of the car and walked to the bus stop.  After I was standing at the bus stop a second, a lady looked over at me and initiated the following exchange:

crazylady: "You know I had to double park because you had your door all the way open."
me: "Uh, or you could have parked somewhere else."
crazylady: "You had your door completely open and you weren't even getting out.  Now somebody else is out a parking spot."
me: "I was grabbing my bag.  Sorry."
crazylady: "Well, it's not MY fault there's a wasted parking space now."
me:  *bites tongue**lets her have the last word**notworthitnotworthitnotworthit*

Seriously?!??  Yes, it IS your fault.  What happened to her, happens to me all the time.  Happens to everyone, I bet.  The normal response, or at least *my* normal response, is to either wait thirty seconds for the person to close their door so I can park there comfortably, or, more frequently, I just park one spot over (leaving a space between our two cars), or if that space isn't available, I park somewhere else entirely.  Obviously, the next space over was available, since she was half parked in it anyway.  And, you know, the rest of the parking lot.  I certainly didn't *make* her straddle the line.  (And really, was it necessary to come and "lecture me" at the bus stop??) I wish the parking lot wasn't snowy today.  The parking enforcer folk actually ticket people for being over the line, but they're more lenient when it's snowy because you can't see the lines as well, if at all.  Drat.

Turns out she works in the OR with me too, though I never met her before!  I saw her in the lounge after I got to work, and then again in the locker room.  D'oh!!

Moving on.  Or, moving in reverse, actually.  No, moving in pretty much random order and direction:

I finished unpacking and organizing everything at my new place yesterday.  Yay!  I didn't work out at all though.  I was ridiculously sore from Saturday's workout for some reason.

Saturday I ran 12 miles outside (on fresh snow), then went to the gym, with the intent of doing a 30 minute abs class and then lower body strength training.  I hadn't packed anything other than shorts and a tank top because I (stupidly) thought I wouldn't need a clean/dry sports bra or underwear or dry shoes or anything.  Um, wrong.  I was freezing and wet with sweat (undergarments) and snow (shoes) and would have been miserable working out in the same stuff.  Luckily, I was saved by my emergency gym bag!  Recently, I finally got around to putting a plastic bag in the car with running and swimming essentials, so if I'm ever caught by surprise (it happens more than you'd think) I can still get in a workout.  It contains a tank top, shorts, running shoes, socks, sports bra, underwear, a swimsuit, and goggles.  I made use of the shoes, swimsuit, bra, and underwear that day!  First I put on the swimsuit and hit the hot tub for a while, and then the sauna.  Aaaaah warmth!  I wasn't at all cold when I was out running, but as soon as I stopped I got frozen!  (Maybe the hot tub is why I was so sore the next day?  An ice bath is supposed to prevent inflammation and muscle soreness, so I would assume a hot tub probably makes it worse.  Or, perhaps it was the extra work of running on snow.  12 miles on snow is probably like 15 in good conditions. )  I spent about 20 minutes in warmth and relaxation before going to the abs class.  I ended up skipping the leg lifting after the abs class because I got too hungry for lunch.  Probably a good thing, considering how sore I was without doing it!  I'm still sore today, although it's quite a bit better after riding the bike on the trainer today.  That always shakes out my legs. (Hmm, I just remembered that I never restocked my "Emergency Gym Bag".  Better do that tomorrow.)

This is a random photo from Christmas that I only just got from my dad the other day, because I didn't have any others to put into this post.

Would have been a better photo if C (my nephew) would have looked at the camera!!  
Apparently there are supposed to be negative 30 degree wind chills again tomorrow.  (Cold enough for UM to cancel their classes, which happens basically never!!)  No big deal, because I was already planning on going to the gym to run intervals anyway.  Saturdays I run outside no matter what the temperature/road conditions (pretty much), but weekdays I have no beefs with the treadmill or indoor track, especially on an interval day when I really need my footing.   Per my training plan, tomorrow is 10 min warmup jog, 4x800 (1:30 recovery jogs), 10 min cooldown jog.  Should be fun!  Here's hoping there aren't any schmucks on the track this week....

Man, I've actually been really good recently about giving people the benefit of the doubt and not being so annoyed all the time, but you can't tell to read these posts, can you??  I must've been REALLY bad before.  Yeesh.  Maybe it's just the few that do bother me now, really bother me.  So I have to write about it.  (Like here, here, and here (Recursion.... what???))

I think I'm going to start growing my hair back out.  Thoughts?  Also, whose side are you on in the great parking lot debacle of 1/27/14??  Leave me some comments.


  1. Fan of the short.
    If you were over 32 seconds getting your back then it's your bad, if not, she's a nasty person who is already rotting on the inside.

  2. Definitely on your side when it comes to the parking lot thing. Unless there was one spot left and you were taking forever, there's no need for that. People are so obnoxious.

    I've actually come to like the treadmill for hitting certain paces. I've found it really helpful when I'm doing speed or tempo workouts. It definitely beats running in these conditions. I hope your workout goes well!


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