Friday, February 7, 2014

A F**ked-up Friday!!

You guys are NOT going to believe my day today.  I don't even believe my day today.  Ready?

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Okay, so I get off work and head to Jeff's house (my former house!) to let his (my?) dogs out because he went out of town.  This sucks, because normally I go straight to the gym to get my workout in before I lose motivation by sitting down and/or stuffing my face with junk food.  (Of course I did both today, after letting the dogs out).  Needless to say, I was very much NOT in the mood to go to the pool to do my swim workout after that.  However, I had absolutely zero other plans tonight, and the gym does have a hot tub, and that actually sounded pretty nice.  As did a peppermint mocha.  (Sweetwaters makes the best peppermint mochas!)  So, I grabbed my bag, detoured to Sweetwaters, and then went to the gym.   I put my boots under the bench in the locker room (as do most people, because they are usually wet/snowy), changed into my suit, and got in the shower (I follow the rules: shower before entering any body of water!).  Unfortunately, I wasn't finished with my coffee, so I brought it with me.  :)  Yes that's right, I stood in the shower at the gym drinking a peppermint mocha and soaking up the hot water.  (I would have brought into the hot tub with me, but I wasn't sure if it was allowed, so I just stayed in the shower until I was done with it).

After that, I took a Runner's World magazine, my Kindle (protected in a ziploc freezer bag), and my swim workout book into the hot tub by the pool.  Interestingly, that particular magazine issue is the very last one of my year-long subscription, and the very first one I have ever opened.  Ha!  I got very hot and very bored fairly quickly in the hot tub, and ended up quite motivated to go for a swim.   Plus, I was nicely dehydrated, so I didn't even have to worry about feeling like I had to pee every 15 minutes!  Small wins folks.

The swim workout I chose was as follows (all units are yards, RI = recovery interval, in seconds):
  • warmup: 400 swim, 300 pull, 200 kick. 
  • 1x300 (:20 RI)
  • 2x200 (:15 RI)
  • 1x300 (:20 RI)
  • 2x200 (negative split) (:15 RI)
  • 1x300
  • cool-down: 100
  • (Total = 2700 yds)
Okay, so here's where it gets good.  This is the scene:  I'm the ONLY person in the pool.  I have a stack of shit sitting at the end of the lane (my flip flops, my workout book, a towel, a pull-buoy, a kickboard, and a set of paddles).  I'm in the 1st set of 200s, swimming along, getting into a groove, having a good swim so far.  

Then, out of nowhere, in the middle of the lane, I crash head first into something.  (Someone.)  I stop my watch,  and stand up totally confused.  There is a guy in front of me, who starts apologizing, and says he "didn't see me".  I look around.  Other than me and him, there is still NOBODY in the pool.  There are 5 lanes.  I was in one of them, and had been for some time.  He asks if I'm okay, apologizes again, and moves into one of the many empty lanes nearby.  I go to the wall and try to figure out WTF just happened.

I mean, seriously, how does that happen?  I am the ONLY MOVING THING in the pool.  And it's not like I was swimming underwater.  I was doing a plain ol' freestyle, up and down, up and down the pool.  I wasn't even flip-turning!  There was absolutely NO POINT when I was under the water.  Plus, I have a stack of shit at the start of the lane, which is usually a pretty good indicator that there's somebody swimming in it.  And this guy walks up to the stack of shit, steps over it, "doesn't see me" swimming (me, the only person in the pool!), jumps in my lane, and swims right down the middle and straight into me.  Straight the fuck into me.  Craziest thing that's ever happened to me perhaps!

While I find the entire situation pretty freaking hilarious, I do feel bad for the guy.  He only swam like one lap after he crashed into me, then went to the warm water pool for a bit, then left.  I can only assume that he was incredibly embarrassed.  Either that or he was having some kind of medical event (Seizure? Stroke?) that affected his vision, judgement, or both.  Or maybe he's just visually impaired in general.  Hope he's okay, anyway.  

When I got out of the pool, me and the lifeguard had a good laugh over it.  She said she was totally confused when he got into my lane (with the rest of the pool open), but figured he was just going to try to hit on me or something (haha!!!).  Then he started swimming right down the middle of the lane and she was like WTF?!? and watched us collide like it was in slow motion, with nothing she could do to stop it.

So that's that.  Interesting right?  It basically made my night.  I was in a super good mood after my swim.  Well then I went to the locker room and discovered my winter boots had been stolen, so that took me down a notch.  Added a bit to the "effed-upped-ness" of my Friday though, I suppose.  I really liked those boots.  They weren't cute or anything, but they were really warm, comfortable, and functional.  But, they were $70 and I got them in December 2009, so it's not like it's the end of the world.  Perhaps somebody took them by mistake and will return them to the gym folk.  I left my contact info just in case.  I'm not that optimistic though.    :\

It's shit like this that makes me think that there might be a god, and that she really wants me to have stuff to blog about.  :P  Because really, how does this happen???

Moving on to other highlights from the week, how are bullets for you?
  • I really apologize for the lack of photos.  My cell phone won't take a charge any more (It's the connection, not the battery), so I can't charge my phone and can't take pictures easily.  Sorry.  New phone shipped a couple days ago and should be here soon!
  • I had another awesome run on the track at the gym on Thursday.  8 mile tempo run (with 2 one-mile treadmill "breaks" mixed in to get some hill action. 2 on the track, 1 on the mill (1/4 mile intervals alternating 6% and 4% incline at 6.0mph), 2 on the track 1 on the mill (same pattern), 2 on the track.  I felt awesome, and even ran the last mile faster than any of the others.  I also discovered, surprisingly, that watching UFC fighting on the treadmill while listening to my ipod is a pretty good motivator/distractor.  I think I would be a good fighter.  I'll have to look into that.  After my 8 mile run I busted out my favorite strength routine.  The more I lift, the more I like it.  I think I might have to add some more strength workouts to my week.  I'm feeling stronger and faster than ever, and my endurance is better than it's ever been.  And my IT band and ham-ass are holding up like champs, and I credit that to my strength training.  Plus, I'm getting some muscles and wouldn't mind getting some more.  I like muscles on me.  (And on women, in general.  Not so much on men for some reason.  I like them tall and skinny.  I'm weird, whatever.)  
Photos taken from my Macbook while I was riding the trainer on Monday. You can sorta see some of my muscles if you squint :P  
  • I really wish my phone would have been working after my 8 mile run/strength training Thursday.  I wanted to take a picture of my boobs because my sweat pattern totally looked like I was lactating through my tank top.  And that's just the kind of thing that I like to share on the world wide web for everyone to see.  Two perfect sweat circles surrounding my too-visible nipples.  I blame the sports bra that I wore that day.  It's not one I usually wear and it felt weird anyway. Ha.  I bet you're thanking the heavens right now that my phone is busted!  
  • I can't cook.  I decided last night that I really wanted grilled cheese and tomato soup.  I handled the tomato soup okay (yay microwave!) but I failed on the grilled cheese, big time.  TWICE actually.  The first one I used country crock spread to butter the outside of the sandwich before I put it on the stove, and that stuff just doesn't work for that purpose. It like, soaked into the bread, and turned it to mush, and the top layer of the bread got majorly stuck to the skillet and my "sandwich" ended up just a pile of melted cheese and mushy half warm (on one side) moist bread.  I ate it anyway, because I was starving, but it was pretty nasty.  The second one went better (I used cooking spray on the pan, instead of buttering the bread), but I got impatient and turned up the heat toward the end and ended up burning it.  Then I flipped it to the other side and burnt that side too.  I really wish I had pictures of these two "sandwiches" for you.  You'd be amazed.  I ate the second one too.  You can scrape off the burnsies.  
  • I'm glad I'm not a homeowner anymore.  I'm at Jeff's and there is a ton of piled snow out there, evidence of all that he has shoveled.  Me, I've shoveled next to nothing.  WIN.  I just hope it doesn't snow while I'm here dog-sitting.....
  • 12 mile run outside tomorrow at 7am!  First outside run I've done since last Thursday!  Crazy!  
  • One more week left on my orientation in the operating room, then I'm all by myself!  Of the services I'm trained for, I like them in this order:  1.) Neurosurgery, 2.) Otolaryngology, 3.) Oral/Maxillofacial, 4.) Plastics.  Overall I really like it and I'm very happy I made the switch (to nursing in general, and to the operating room specifically within nursing).  Life is good.  

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