Thursday, February 20, 2014

Boob Sweat and Snow Boots

Today the plan was 9 miles at 10K + 40 sec/mile pace (about 9:10 min/mile for me), and a general strength routine.  Kind of a lot for a Thursday.  A solid 2 hours.  I scrubbed at work today so I had been on my feet all day too.  I sat down at the coffee shop inside my gym after work and had a banana and a latte before my workout.  I needed some liquid motivation.  :)

The good news was that my ipod turned on and I remembered my contact lenses.  The bad news was that I couldn't find my stride.  The first 3 miles were horrible.  My pace was erratic and I wasn't enjoying myself, and it was really dragging on and on.  Then I hopped on the treadmill and set it to 6% incline to get a little hill work in (just one mile), then went back to the track.  The track went a lot better after being on the mill.  I started having a good run at that point (starting after mile 4).  Then at mile 6 my friend Alex that I ran with twice last week caught me and we ran the last three together (he had done one mile before we joined up, and I had done 6; he was planning 4 miles total, I was planning 9 total.  Perfect alignment again!)  That made it go really fast.  Partially because I had somebody to talk to, and partially because we RAN really fast!  Check out the splits on those last three miles!

Mile 6 was actually a bit faster than that.  I forgot to pause my watch when I stopped for a drink.  :)
After we finished we both went downstairs to lift, but separated.  Good thing for that.  I went over to the free weight area and once again noticed my awesome boob sweat pattern on my shirt.  People possibly thought I was lactating.  Not sure which is worse actually.  I tried to get it in a photo but it's not nearly as obvious in the photos as it was in the gym! Trust me when I say that it was plain as day at the gym, for all to see! Two very very dark circles.  Ha.  

You're welcome for these.  I didn't workout in the beanie and snow boots, for the record.  Those were just for the trip home :)  I really don't understand why men aren't lining up to take me out now that I'm single.  What could possibly be sexier than boob sweat and snowboots???  

Tomorrow I have to swim because I once again skipped it on Wednesday, which always sounds like a good idea on Wednesdays, but I regret it on Fridays! 

Also look forward to a vacation planning post soon.  It's vacation selection time at work so I'm planning all my time off for May 2014 to May 2015.  So far Michelle and I are planning on doing a Grand Canyon hike in October 2014, and some kind of destination race in May 2014.  Michelle has officially replaced my husband.  :D

Regular glasses just don't cut it!
 (This is not me.  Obviously.)  
Random note:  I'm super pissed.  I bought a pair of $120 prescription safety glasses (to protect my eyes from blood splatter without having to put plastic goggles over top my normal glasses), wore them ONCE (on Tuesday), and now can't find them ANYWHERE.  UGH.  This is why I can't have nice things.  

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