Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Crying? There's no crying in nursing!!

....except when there is.

I mean really, in a field dominated by women and shrouded in death and disease, of course there is crying.

So you can guess that my first week on my own in the operating room hasn't been going *that* great.  Don't worry, I didn't kill or hurt anybody!  Just your basic anxiety and overwhelmed-ness.  Today was better than yesterday (I was scrubbing today, which is almost always better for me than circulating, which I did yesterday.)  And I'm pretty sure I managed to keep my tears mostly to myself.

Today I was supposed to be relieved at 3pm, but the manager assigned a person to my room who was actually not working today, so obviously, they never came.  Which meant I actually didn't leave until 4pm, when they finally got it all straightened out and sent someone in for me.  It's funny, because technically I'm in my 30-day "blackout" after orientation, which means they can't make me stay over, and I don't have to work any evenings or weekends.  But obviously that's meaningless, because if nobody comes to get me out, I can't leave!  What am I gonna do?  "Peace out doc, you're on your own here.  I'm going to the gym." ???  Haha.

But, go to the gym I did....eventually.  Working out after a day scrubbing is a lot harder than working out after a day circulating.  I'm standing the entire day when I scrub, and sweating usually, so also a bit dehydrated.  Tired legs and dehydration aren't exactly a recipe for a stellar workout.  That, and today we didn't have a medical student or extra resident so I had to do a lot of the retracting, which is hard on my back, depending on the angles and how hard I have to pull.  So when I finally got out of work I kind of dawdled a bit, sat down and drank a bottle of water and a Clif bar, and tried to regenerate a little before my interval run.

Then, I realized I forgot my contact lenses.  There was a time that I would NEVER run in my glasses.  Forgotten contacts meant an aborted workout.  But at some point I rationalized that I run outside in sunglasses all the time, and that's fine, so what's the difference?  Ever since I started thinking about it like that, I haven't minded running in my glasses so much.   But THEN, I put in my earbuds and discovered my iPod was dead.  Doh.  Running loops on an 1/8th mile track without music???  Brutal.  But...I did it.  And it wasn't *that* intolerable.  I was bummed though because I did put some new music on my playlist that I was excited to listen to.  "Chocolate" by The 1975 which I linked to in my last post, and "Sleeping with a Friend" by The Neon Trees:  

I did a core strength workout after the run and then hightailed it home for dinner.  I'm glad I did everything I had planned, but it certainly wasn't the normal feel-good/high type of workout I'm used to.  Music makes all the difference.

Interval runs make the coolest pace plots though:

That's a 10 minute warmup, then 5x1 km with 400m recovery jogs, then a 10 minute cooldown.  Longer speed intervals than I've been used to! 

Keep on keepin' on.........
Bedtime for me.  *Yawn*.  Although, if I stayed up a bit later maybe I could actually sleep until a number bigger than 3 or 4 is the leading digit on the clock.......

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