Monday, February 24, 2014

Doing ALL THE THINGS....Weekend Rewind!

I don't even know who I am anymore.  This weekend was another very busy one.

Friday:  Plymouth Coffee Bean Company to hang out with Irina while her husband's band played.  Also, GIANT CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE.  And a "bottomless" mug of coffee for $3.00  Pretty cool place.

Saturday: 13 mile run on the schedule, became 14 because the girl I was running with had 14 on her schedule, and I'm a crowd follower.  Good run!  9:40 pace again, with strong finish.

Saturday run buddy!  Thanks for making me go that extra mile...literally!  
Pre-group run. 
Saturday afternoon I met a friend for dinner at Red Robin, where I got the same thing I always get: a Burnin' Love (veggie) burger.  Yum!  Saturday night I went to a freaking pub crawl.  Seriously.  I put on a short skirt and tall boots and went to a pub crawl.  I know, right?  I actually kind of failed at it, because I was too sleepy after the first bar and went home, but hey, showing up counts, right?  

Sunday: Winter sports crawl!  So fun!  Football, ice skating, soccer, frisbee, and food.  I am so freaking sore today (Monday).  That was hard work!  My hip flexors are especially sore, probably from all the high-knee style running through the snow.  Between that, and the fact that I apparently have a cold, I took a rest day today.  

Taking a break with some hot chocolate after ice skating. 

Football photo op! 

Link had to help me take off my pants. My boots were stuck. 

It looks like I'm trying to kick a ball, but it's clearly behind me.  Don't ask me. 

Broom ball!  Literally!  Rocking my neon stripey socks. 

Staged football pose.

Sorry I'm too lazy to crop or organize the photos.  Here's all of them.  After all the sporting activities we went out for dinner, then I went to a friend's house for some Doctor Who watching, among other things.  Felt good to relax!  I'm hoping the fact that I've been laying in bed since 6pm will miraculously cure this cold that I've developed because I have a lot of work to do tomorrow.  Interval run, core workout, and a makeup hamstring/glute workout that I didn't do today or yesterday because of all the other activities, and subsequent soreness.  

In other news, I'm on a Dances with Dirt team!  Anybody have any cool "theme" ideas?  My idea was hawaiian skirts/coconut bras.  For the record, I'm currently the only girl on the team of 5, which, in my opinion, makes the costume all the more awesome, amiright????

Also, a tip: don't agree to a "pact" without first hearing what the pact actually is.  It probably involves nudity and cold cold cold water.  Repeatedly.  

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