Monday, February 10, 2014

Mish Mash

This post is going to be like a bunch of mini-blogs.  Each with their own title.  Fun, right?!?

New Friends
I've decided I need more friends.  And I need to do more things.  And less internetting.  So I'm trimming down the blogs I read, and going out into the world!  I joined a bunch of new meetup groups and I'm excited to start going (to some of them).  Some of the girly groups I joined I probably won't go to ("Flirty Thirties"???  What was I thinking??), but some of them I'm pretty excited about.  I plan to join some local groups for hiking, kayaking, backpacking, camping trips, etc when the weather gets better.  I may even do some snowshoeing with them while the weather is...brisk.  I've been interested in doing things like that for a while, but I think my workout schedule is part of the reason I never did.  Weekends are always for long runs/rides, but I can do both.  I'll just have to eat more to support that level of activity.  I'm okay with that :).  I also am planning on attending one game-playing group next weekend (I'm out of town this weekend).  AND I responded to a craigslist ad ("strictly platonic, w4w") from a girl looking for a friend in the area.  Ha!  Online friend-dating!  So far I like her, from the emails we've exchanged :P.
I'm going to have to invest in hiking boots and a backpack and all kinds of fun gear!  (Note my sneakers in that photo....)

My Landlord is Hilarious
I freaking love her.  She's a very friendly Brazilian lady, who has a pretty nice case of OCD, status post years of therapy.  Anyway, she cracks me up with a lot of what she says, but there are a few that really got me.  For example, when I first moved in, she was insisting to her husband that they install a "sprayer" in the shower.  (One of those dual shower heads where one of them is handheld).  I was like, no, no, this perfect, I don't need that, etc, etc.)  And she kept insisting that I did, in fact, need a sprayer.  I finally asked her why on earth I needed a sprayer, and she said, in her Brazilian Portuguese accent "I don't know, you're a lady, I'm a lady, we need a sprayer!!".  And that's when I realized I was supposed to be spraying out my vagina.  Or possibly using it for pleasure.  I guess she could have meant either.

Then, last week, when I didn't come home one night, she texted me because she was concerned, but apparently told her husband that she "hoped I had a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, or whatever, and was having a good time"!!  (She told me this today).  I then informed her that I did in fact stay at my new FWB's place (no, he is not from craigslist!!) , and she said: "Oh good!  I'm so glad!!  We call that 'colorful friends'!!.  HAHAHA.  Awesome.

She also sends me text messages a lot:

Ge: Hola Ty!!! Do u mind if in a hour or so i go down to clean my furnace filters ???? Gege 1:05 PM
Me: Sure. I'm actually leaving around 145 to meet a friend in Toledo 1:07 PM
Ge: Oh that's great u r going to have a good time w a friend. Thanks, G

Me: cabinets look great! thanks! 7:11 PM

Ge: gee 7:15 PM
Ge: Awwww. But still need to finish the cabinet pullers /behind sink wall and some other things if u don't mind to have me working in these projects by the weekend 7:15 PM
Me: you're welcome to do whatever you like. I'm happy with it though! 7:17 PM
Ge: U r an easy n cool person. Thanks. Do u know what I can do to get better of painful lower back??? 7:30 PM

Proceed with Caution!!!
Bad ham-ass is acting up.  And my IT band/knee a smidge, but I'm mostly noticing the ham-ass, ever since my 12-miler outside Saturday.  (Which was awesome, by the way.  Ran with a guy who basically has the same PR as me at every distance, so we were a great match, pace-wise.  And the sidewalks were mostly clear, and the wind wasn't bad, so it wasn't too cold, even though the temp was below zero)  This freaking ham-assery has been since March 2012!!!  It goes away pretty quickly when I am taking time off or doing strictly easy running, but anytime I step it up a notch and add speed back in (I'm doing intervals or hills on Tuesdays now, and tempos on Thursdays, and this past Saturday's long run was pretty quick too), it flares every time.  Sounds like classic high hamstring tendinopathy to me, but the ortho doc I went to last year thought it could possibly be a nerve issue, where the nerve is tethered to the muscle or tendon and getting irritated.  I don't know.  But it's annoying.  I'm going to have to start rolling around on a lacrosse ball again.  Unless there are any volunteers to provide me with deep ham-ass massage.... :P  Anyway, I'm not doing intervals tomorrow, and may cut my run very short if it I'm still having pain tomorrow.  I'm not screwing around with this stuff any more.  No running through pain!

Kitchen Upgrades
My little kitchenette is growing!  I bought a hotplate and a big countertop convection toaster oven thing, so now I can cook anything!  Not that I probably will.  You remember what happened with the grilled cheese.  But I like having the option of making cookies!  And eggs.  I like eggs.

I have a sink now, and a toaster and a dish rack too!  

 Recently, I have been in love with broccoli. I bought a shit-load of steamer bags of broccoli today at the store.  Some plain broccoli, some cheesy broccoli, broccoli and macaroni and cheese, broccoli/cauliflower/carrots, cheesy broccoli and rice....  lol!  Not sure where that came from, but it's freaking delicious!  With added salt and cheese of course :)

That entire cabinet is filled with lots of delicious K-Cup varieties.  You can only see the ones in the front....

Soup!!  I live on broccoli and soup!!  And bread with my soup.  That's what was in the freezer above the cheese.

MOAR CANDY!!!  And peanut butter.  :)
It's such a relief to buy food just for me again.  Ahhhhh.   

Does anybody else think I come off as a bit bipolar?  This was clearly a manic post....  last week (1/29 and 1/30) were more depressive ones.  Hmmm.  Nurses are such hypochondriacs.

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  1. I follow you just fine. That is not a testimony to anything. Then again, there's sanity in numbers.


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