Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Running Buddies and Groups...the Eternal Dilemma

I had a run buddy today!  And it was bittersweet.

There's this guy I know from one of my running groups that I've seen at my gym multiple times, and we finally decided to run together to minimize boredom on the track there.  Today was our first run.   On the one hand, it was awesome.  The miles I ran with him went by super fast, since I had somebody to talk to.

The downside was that I had to wait. I got out of the OR at 3pm today, and was at my gym by like 3:45pm.  He wasn't scheduled to get there until 5pm.  Normally, I like to run before doing strength training, but obviously it made more sense to do my strength workout first today.  Luckily, today was a core day, not too heavy on the legs, so it didn't affect my run that much.  Even with doing that though, I was done by 4:30 and kind of dawdled about until 4:45 when I started running alone to get in a warmup, because I was pretty sure I was planning more miles than him.  It ended up working out perfectly, because he showed up just as I hit 2 miles, and he had planned on 4, while I had planned on 6.  Yay!  Tuesday is normally interval day for me, but since my ham-ass and IT band were acting up since Saturday, and since I had a buddy, I decided to just run a steady pace.  We ended up at consistently just under 9 min/miles.  Perfect!  Well, perfect for me.  Slow for him.

I miss having a running buddy.  I miss going to my running groups.  I have only been going to the Saturday morning ones since I started working day shift.  The really bad part is that I could probably actually keep up with them now!  The Wednesday group that I used to go to always ran about a 8:45-9:00 pace and back when I went it was a real challenge for me.  Now, I pretty easily hit 8:50 on my own, even on like 8 mile runs.  So it would be perfect to go!

(always a but...)

They don't run until like 6:30pm.  So late!  I have to wait around for 3 hours and watch the daylight go to waste.  And there's also the problem of my workout plan.  You can't do intervals at a group run.  You really can't even count on doing a tempo run.  You have to just go and run the pace of the group.  I can't decide if it's worth it or not.  I have a blast when I go but I hate how it messes up the schedule of my day, and my training plan. *sigh*.  What I really need to do is assemble my own group of operating room runners that head out from the hospital at 3:30 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  :)  Maybe I'll put up a sign-up sheet in the lounge or something.  Bonus to that idea is that the sidewalks around the hospital and north campus are always very well maintained, no matter how much snow we get.

In case I don't write again for a while, here's the plan the rest of the week:

Wed:  Hip strength workout + swim
Thurs: Tempo run + general strength workout
Fri:  Rest
Sat: 16 miles w/ 501 group, then drive to Cleveland to help Michelle move.
Sun: Probably rest, still in Cleveland.
Mon: Bike + hamstring/glutes strength workout.  Also, my first day on my own without a preceptor in the operating room...!!!  Scary!

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