Sunday, March 16, 2014

More Living, Less Blogging

You may have noticed that my posts are only coming about once a week, and when they do, I struggle to cram everything in that I want to write about.  I've just been keeping really busy between working, going to meetups, running and working out, going on dates, registering for races and planning trips, etc etc.  It's been really fun but really exhausting!   I think I might be getting in a little bit over my head on all fronts.  I can't keep track of what conversations I've had with what people.  And I seem to have volunteered myself as captain/planner/organizer for a lot of the stuff I'm doing.  Some cool things on deck right now: The OC half marathon in May with Michelle, followed by a cruise to Mexico; Third Coast Relay in June (I fronted the money for a 12 person team for an overnight relay, similar to a Ragnar, eek!); Dances with Dirt in September; hiking/backpacking/camping the Grand Canyon with Michelle in October.  I have lots of work to do to get those trips in order!

Work is going great.  The days and weeks are going by really fast and I really have fun at work most days.  I had my first call shift on Saturday, 3p-11pm.  I was at a Cards Against Humanity game at a bar and just took my pager with me (no, I wasn't drinking!).  I ended up not getting called in, so that was a win!

Another pointless work selfie while waiting for a patient earlier this week (we were out of preop slots apparently...)  
After last weekend I became totally sold on the foam roller.  I was worried after my 20 miler so I did a lot of rolling and stretching.  On Sunday my right leg (bad leg) felt great and my left was really tight and sore.  I had mostly only rolled my bad/right leg, so I guess it does actually do something!

So yesterday I ran 12 miles a little faster than planned (about 9:25 pace), and was worried because I didn't want to screw up my performance at the indoor triathlon today.  So Saturday after my run I parked it on the floor and spent literally an hour or two stretching and rolling.  And watching TV.  And taking more pointless selfies.  Helps pass the time you know.

Foam rolling: you're doing it wrong.  :P 

Sunnnnsshiiiinnneee burns!!!

Hmm what else.  Oh yeah.  So Tuesdays, I'm in the habit of running intervals on the track at my gym after work.  I always pack a gym bag and go straight there from the hospital.  So I was driving that way on Tuesday, and I realized, WTF it's like 45-50 degrees outside??!!  Why would I run inside?!?  But I had only packed shorts and a tank top for indoor running, and I was supposed to do intervals but the sidewalks were all puddly because of the huge snow melt.  But I found the perfect solution!  I went to a parking lot on North Campus and changed in my car (sorry to whoever I flashed), put on my shorts and tank and the long-sleeved cotton tee that I had worn to work, and found a big hill to do hill repeats on instead.  It was perfect!  Well, actually I ended up ditching the long sleeves and running shorts and a tank because I got too hot.  What a treat!  There were no puddles on hills either :)  Then the next day it was really effing cold again and we got more snow, but at least I had a day of shorts running! We had at least one other warm day this week too.  Yeah, Friday.  Which sucked because I helped a friend through the last 8 miles of his 20 miler on Thursday, and it was cold and windy and we ran on all kinds of snowy and icy terrain, and then it was gorgeous the next day.  Note to self: check the weather!!!

Oh, also also, you should all eat at the Broadway Cafe.  I have no idea if their food is any good, but they let me use their non-public (as in, employee only) bathroom on Thursday when I was desperate during a run.  Then they offered me some water too.  Super nice!  Go buy all their food!  I have no idea what they make.  The window says cheese steak hoagies.  Actually I'm sure the window doesn't say "hoagie".  That's a PA thing right?  Do you guys even know what a hoagie is? Lol!

Moving on.

So I did my first indoor triathlon today.  It was a little rough, because I was pretty sore from my run yesterday, and because I stayed out all damn night last night and showed up to the start line on one hour of sleep.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  But, I did the best I could, and it worked out pretty well.

Spoiler!  I'll try to do a real recap Tuesday.  (Also, fyi, i'm positive I swam 16 laps, not 15. I have the data on my watch.  They miscounted!)  
I thought I got 3rd place female overall and 1st in my age group but they do the scoring differently so I think maybe I actually didn't.  More on that on my recap this week.  There's an indoor triathlon in Novi this coming Saturday if anybody wants to do it.  I'm not, too close to the marathon I think, but if anybody was prompted to try one, there you go!

Two weeks til my marathon!  Easy peasy.  ;)

This week's plan:
Monday: "bouldering" at Planet Rock?  Second date, doubles as strength training.  Multitasking FTW.
Tuesday: intervals + core strength
Wednesday: swim + hip strength
Thursday: tempo + general strength
Friday: rest
Saturday: 10 miles at marathon pace, which I'm thinking is looking like 9:30-9:40.  4:15 finish seems a reasonable goal.

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  1. Wow, the marathon is only two weeks away? It sounds like you're on track for a good one. Just reading about all of your activities is tiring...I don't know how you do it all. ;) Nice job on the indoor tri. I'm looking forward to your recap.


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