Saturday, March 8, 2014

Rest is Best!!

Whew, I had a bit of a close call this week!

After running 18 miles last Saturday, then skipping stretching and everything to make it to a lunch date with Irina (I was 4 minutes late, sorry Irina!), then cross-country skiing on Sunday, my IT band was ANGRY on Monday and Tuesday.  I decided to try to run on it Tuesday, because sometimes a good run with proper stretching and strengthening after can be just what a messed up leg needs.  No dice this time though. I was still feeling the IT-burn on Wednesday, even just standing at work.  Scary!  So I did nothing Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.  Just sitting around and eating a lot, no working out whatsoever. I would have liked to have been able to stay off my feet completely, but of course that isn't possible with my job, so I did the best rest I could.  I had 20 miles on the schedule for today, and even up to this morning I wasn't sure if I should do it or not.  The problem with my IT band, when it's early in the injury process like this, is that it doesn't hurt when I run.  I don't know what kind of damage I've done until afterward.  But then it gets bad and hurts all the time, especially when running, and when it gets to that point it's too late!  That's how you end up benched for 7 months out of the year (hello 2013!).  Anyway, I could still feel it was not-quite-right this morning, but I decided to attempt my 20 anyway, and just told myself I would stop if it started hurting at all.  (Which of course is not the best plan, since it doesn't necessarily hurt 'til after, but anyway.....).
I heart group runs!  Can you find me???  I'll give you a hint: I stick out like a sore thumb.  Also I have a strangely veiny and/or muscle-y neck.  Sorry I cropped out some people. 

I made it!  And I'm so glad I did it (today I'm glad...I might be less glad tomorrow).  It was awesome.  I started pretty slow, but ended up averaging 9:39 over the whole 20 miles.  3:13.  Definitely my fastest 20 miler ever (nevermind the fact that it's only my 3rd 20 miler in my life...), despite being on ice, and another sign that a sub-10:00 min/mile pace at my marathon is going to be a walk in the park, assuming I can get to the start line healthy and the weather/terrain cooperates (or that they change the course if the weather doesn't cooperate).  There was TONS of ice out there today because it was warm enough yesterday for the snow to melt, and cold enough this morning for it to freeze.  I had a couple close calls but managed to stay upright the entire time.  Plus, it was warm enough that I didn't need a jacket!  Just a single long-sleeved tech shirt from a race.  WIN!

Got some decent hills in there too!  Whoop-whoop! 

I was in such a good mood after my run, that I came home (after stretching out in the store for a bit), brought my computer into the bathroom, cranked some music and had a bit of a naked dance party in the shower.  True story.  There was also some singing.  I don't have video of this event, for obvious reasons.  You'll have to take my word for it.  The 1975's "Chocolate" was a main feature.  Which is funny, because I can't understand most of the lyrics, so the singing was......creative, to say the least.  


After my shower dance party, I did some hardcore foam rolling while watching an episode of "Girls".  I'm hoping that stretching and rolling a lot today will eliminate/prevent any ITB problems from rearing their ugly head again.  I'm also not going to do anything dumb like eliminate a rest day like I did last week.  TWO COMPLETE REST DAYS.  Every week.  It's the law.  I must adhere!! 

This is where the majority of my day will be spent today, post-run!  Foam roller and a lacrosse ball to roll on.  And peanut butter and bananas, apparently.  (That's a banana peel and a banana-saver case, actually).  
This is a random selfie that I took because I had put on make up and y'all usually only get to see me all sweaty and gross.   (See below, for more of my usual style of photo...)

And with that, we return to our regularly scheduled weird photo programming.  That is after a wound inflicted by a chocolate bar's foil wrapper (a "paper" cut, from foil) got a little out of a control without my noticing it for a bit.  (Ghirardelli dark.  Worth it.  )

Finally, my new shoes came yesterday!!  They're exactly the same makes/models as my old shoes.  Asics GT-2000 (v1) and Saucony Mirage 3.  I got the Mirages in a different color this time though.  Both pairs were super cheap (less than $70) because they are old models and were on clearance.  Love that!  My old ones and new ones are pictured below.  I am probably going to wear the new GT-2000s at my marathon. I should have time to get them adequately broken in by then, and still have plenty of "new-shoe-awesome" to get me through 26.2 miles comfortably.  
 (Old = left & bottom, New= top & right).  

Now that my 20-miler is's officially taper time!!  22 days left!  See you at the start line!  

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