Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Taper + Schedule Change + ? PMS = A Tough Week

I am so ready for this freaking marathon!!!

This week is killing me.  I'm exhausted.  I don't even really know why.  Well, I have some ideas.  There is the part where I keep staying out until midnight or later and then waking up between 5 and 7 am.  But that's not *every* day.  Plus my favorite monthly visitor is supposed to arrive the exact same day as my marathon, woo-hoo (sorry, TMI?).  But the real kickers are that my schedule is completely messed up because I'm 11a-7p at work this week instead of 7a-3p, and that it's taper time, so my running and workout volume is way low.  Which, counterintuitively, makes me feel sluggish and tired.  And achey all over.  And sad.  TAPERING SUCKS.  Way worse than marathon training.  And I'm apparently not the only one that thinks so! 

All of the above, except the nightmare one.  No nightmares....yet.  
Plus my eating is all screwed up because of my schedule change.  I usually eat breakfast at 6, lunch at 11, and either dinner at 4, or a snack at 4, then workout, then dinner whenever.  Now I don't know what to do, because my breaks aren't as predictable at work.  So I either end up eating too much or not enough, trying and failing to time my meals appropriately.  Yesterday this happened in bed at like 9pm: 

In the future, I'll dispose of the evidence, because waking up to that on my nightstand was depressing!! Let's call it carbo-loading for the marathon shall we??

Speaking of carbo-loading, one of my running buddies is hosting a "Foam Roller and Spaghetti Party" on Friday, which is so awesome, and so hilarious.  Runners are the best.  

Speaking of runners being the best, I have the best runner friends!  I have one person (this one, she has a blog too!) who volunteered to run the first half of the marathon with me (she's registered for the half), and another (Michelle, who you all know and love!) who is running the last 11 with me.  So I only have 2 miles (13-15) to do by myself.  This is going to be the most fun race ever!  I actually might have another buddy for the first half too, but she hasn't confirmed yet.  

I'm really not nervous about the race.  I'm more excited than anything.  I'll be happy with anything better than 4:28, and I'm hoping that will be "easy", but of course you never know, especially with marathons.  4+ hours is a lot of time for something to go wrong, and even the tiniest thing can ruin the day (GI issues, blisters, a cold, whatever).  My "real" goal is 4:10 (9:33 per mile), so I'm planning on hanging out in the vicinity of that pacer.  My long training runs (even my 20 miler) have averaged around 9:40 so I think that is a reasonable goal, without being "easy".  If I have leftover gas in the tank after 20 miles I'll pick up the pace for that last bit.  

I read on the race website that they have an alternative course mapped out, in the event that the arb is impassable due to snow/ice/mud.  That is excellent news!  That was the one thing I was really concerned about.  I kind of hope they *do* change it so we don't have to hit that hard hill....twice! 

I'm still working on my playlist, but here's what I have so far.  Keep the suggestions coming!! 
Ann Arbor Marathon (Playlist, via Spotify) 

Last but not least, here is the link to "track" me.  It's not "real" tracking; they only have a 13.1 mile split, and I'm not confident it will work, but here you go anyway: 

It's unlikely that I'll write again until after the race (I have lots to do, including finishing my playlist, cleaning, getting/making something for that party, and hosting my awesome company, Michelle, for the weekend), so wish me luck and hang tight for the recap! 


  1. Cool taper crazies checklist. Have fun, relax, enjoy, kick ass, all of that.

  2. Oh heyyyy thanks for mentioning/linking me :D yay. Also, I'm planning on running the first 16 miles with you (I hope they still give me that half marathon medal....................when I come back for it). Anyway, YAYYYY i am so excited! It would, indeed, be great if the arb was re-routed to a wonderfully flat/dry road. Fingers crossed.


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