Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekend Rewind

I have so much to say, about so many things.  Enough to fill about 4 blogs posts.  But what will probably happen is that I just cram everything into this one, in a half-assed sort of fashion, because otherwise it will never get written at all.  Here's the Cliff's notes in photo-caption form.  (Except I may not get around to the captioning, so.....use your imagination.) 

Work was pretty bad on Friday.  I was glad to get out of there.  Friday night I really didn't do much, except wine, TV (finished season 5 of Doctor Who), and chocolate, which was nice, except for the part where I spilled wine all over the wall, floor and desk.  And the part where I realized that my marathon training plan was extended out too far by a whole week!  I had to delete a week of training to be able to hit race day.  From a long run perspective, the schedule was supposed to be 18, 13, 20, 13, 10, Race, but my "Race" day landed on April 6th instead of March 30th, which is the actual race!  Oops.  I decided to just delete the first 13 miler, and make it 18, 20, 13, 10, Race to put me back on schedule. 

I did my 18 yesterday (Saturday), and it was pretty awesome.  The weather was warm (by comparison....), it was like 20 or something with no wind, and the sidewalks were mostly clear where I ran.  I felt like a million bucks until about mile 15, and then I still felt good endurance-wise, but my joints and feet started to ache a little.  Still 9:30-9:45 is feeling really good, and 10:00+ pace is feeling like a crawl, so I think I'm going to be pleasantly surprised on race day!  Barring bad footing.  I'm actually concerned about the portion of the race that goes through a trail in the park.  As of right now it's completely covered in the entire season's worth of snow, and I'm not convinced that it will be gone by the 30th.  Even if it does melt, it might just be replaced by ice or mud.  I might email the race organizers to see if they would do an alternate route if it isn't cleared.   Otherwise I might have to find another marathon to do that weekend!  

Post 18 miler (2:57), still feeling awesome!! 
After my run I had to hurry home to shower and head out to Farmington Hills to meet Irina for brunch and then a movie.  I would recommend the restaurant (The Breakfast Club), but not the movie (Nonstop).  We went out to eat AGAIN right after the movie, to the sushi bar at Benihana.  Which is like my least favorite sushi place ever, but we keep going back because it's like halfway between us.  

THEN I had to do more hurrying back to Ann Arbor to get to Sun and Snow before they closed so I could rent cross-country skis for Sunday.  They were only $20 and the staff people were really helpful, despite the store being really busy.  Highly recommend! 

I started Sunday by digging my car out of 6 inches of fresh snow and heading to Jeff's to do my laundry.  He also donated two rolls of toilet paper to me because I'm out and too lazy to go to the store, and joined me for brunch at Mark's Coney Island. Thanks!!!  I had a Meetup appointment at noon for cross-country skiing at Maybury State Park so I headed straight there from Jeff's. 
Rocking my new (and free!) 501 Bondi Band.  I folded the advertisement part under :)  
 Cross-country skiing was so fun!!  I am definitely going to do it again.  There is talk about possibly doing it again next weekend, and if they do, I am definitely game!  I only fell 4 times.  Twice were completely random, and twice were intentional dives to avoid crashing into someone because I was gaining on them too fast on the downhills.  Apparently my rental skis were fast.  I have never even downhill skied before, so that's next on the list.  Jeff said he's take me one of these weekends before the season is over.

I didn't get to ski as long as I'd like because we got a late start (pretty much everybody except me and one other dude was late due to the bad roads and snowed in cars) and I had to return my equipment and get to WCC fitness center for the tri club kickoff meeting at 3pm.

The kick off was cool.  I ate some free food, held a real-live olympic medal, heard an absolutely phenomenal woman speak (and I'm not talking about her athletic accomplishments....she is just an awesome human being), got a free visor and some chapstick, and tried on and ordered team-branded triathlon shorts and a race tank.  Yay!  Oh, and I registered for this, after talking to some friends there about what races they were doing.  This one will involve a picnic afterward with the girls I know.  Double yay.


  • I am really enjoying these outdoorsy things.  PLUS, they are really hard work, so it totally counts as cross-training.  I was sore for 3 days after football last week! And all the people are awesome.  Here I thought I was socially awkward, when really, I just haven't been around the right kinds of people.  
  • Speaking of, triathlon people are not as much "my people".  They're too Type A, most of them anyway.  I used to be Type A.  But I'm not anymore, and I'm not going back.  I like the people I meet at trail races and at outdoor adventurey type things a lot more.  
  • I might need to give up a rest day.  If I'm going to dedicate Sundays to fun cross-training (skiing, hiking, football, whatever), then my biking needs to happen some other time.  Currently I rest Mondays and Fridays, but it might have to become just Fridays.  I haven't biked since....February 16th.  Yikes!  I've missed a swim or two as well, because I lost my swim workout book.  
  • All in all, it's clear that I'm not a triathlete.  I don't like swimming or biking.   I don't relate to the people.  The gear is expensive.  The race registrations are expensive.  (Oh, I'm registered for an indoor triathlon March 16th that I forgot to tell ya'll about...)  Traveling to races is stressful (due to the issues with transporting the bike).  I want to run, lift, and do all the fun, active, outdoor things that aren't technically "workouts".  I will probably keep swimming and biking in the cross-training option list, but I don't like "having" to do them.  But I want the "Ironman" title on my resume.  AND I already changed my blog title for pete's sake.  What to do, what to do....  
This is so ridiculously true! 
  • I've been spending a lot of time on online dating sites this week.  Haven't met anybody in person yet.  Not sure if I want to.  I'm torn.  More on that another time I guess.  
  • For now, I'm going to keep on cramming my life full of fun things and keep away from myself, stress, and responsibility.  We'll see how long I can ride this high.  
Farewell weekend.  Monday, you come to soon once again.   


  1. Wow, you really are busy. When it comes to being a triathlete, you could have had me fooled a few months ago when you talked about your killer swim workouts and crazy long bike rides. Do you think you’ll be more into the biking again once you can get back outside? Trying to juggle all of the swimming, biking, and running sure isn’t easy. Running is what I want to do the most, but like you, sometimes I feel like I HAVE to get some of the swim or bike workouts in rather than truly wanting to. I’ve never tried going to a triathlon club because for one, I’m kind of shy, and two, I’m worried everyone will be too hardcore for me. I don’t think I’ll ever get over seeing a guy doing a trainer ride in the parking lot before a sprint triathlon. That’s just too much for me!

    You DID just sign up for a triathlon this summer, so part of you must still want to do them. What is the indoor tri you’re doing? I’m doing one the day before at my gym and looking forward to it. I’m curious if yours is a similar kind of setup.

  2. Oh that last picture killed me! Love, love, love it! but seriously overthinking it. :)

    I think things are a lot more fun if you do them with other people.I swam by myself the other week (usually swim w/people) and it was sooooo boring and hard too. I usually run by myself, but 6 miles with new friends seemed to go pretty fast (well, as fast as 13 min/mile can be!).

    The skiing looks like fun! I have never skiied. I went snowboarding once in high school and messed up my knee in the middle of swim season, which did not thrill my mom, lol.

    Did you end up getting a new nose ring? I love hoops, might have to get one!

  3. AHHH hearing about your long runs makes me want to run again so bad! My ankle is still giving me pain, even though its coloring has returned to normal.

    I myself am not keen on swimming or biking, but you should come rock-climbing with me sometime (when my ankle heals...eventually)! It's a super fun, full-body workout, as I'm sure you know. I consider it "strength-training" more than "cross-training," though you can build up quite a sweat. It's the only other sport I've found that gives me almost as much satisfaction as running does.

    Your pics of cross country skiing make me want to ski! Did it once, a million years ago, can't remember how I felt about it. But, you make it sound/look like fun!


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