Wednesday, April 23, 2014

First Ride of the Year!

Now that the weather is finally nice it was time to take the trainer tire of my bike, and my bike off the trainer, and get it outside.  Add a picnic and you've got a recipe for a lovely Sunday.

First step, changing the tire.  This is maybe the third time I've been involved in a tire change, and really the first time I've "led the way" so to speak.  My friend R was with me so he did serve as a second set of hands, so that was nice.  We fumbled through it.  :)

We headed to Island Lake State Rec / Kensington Metropark to ride the paved trails and relatively low traffic roads there.  I hate riding with traffic on the roads, even more so now that all the roads are obliterated by potholes from this hellish winter.  It was a perfect day for riding.  Biking felt a lot harder than I remember, but I guess that's probably because I've mostly just been doing easy rides on the trainer recently, and haven't pushed myself much on the bike in quite awhile.  Here is the day in pictures:
Parking our bikes for dinner. 
Pineapple, carrots, PB & J, Nutella & banana, and PB, banana, & choc chip sandwiches.  (R makes a rockin' picnic!) 
So. Much. Nutella.  Yummmmm......

Mandatory selfie #1.  
Mandatory selfie #2.  

Map of the ride. 
Summary and splits. 
All in all a great first ride of the year!  I do need to make some adjustments to my bike before the next time I ride though.  My right aerobar is all cockeyed and I feel like my seat is a bit too far back.  I hate adjusting my bike.  Ugh.  Gotta do it though!  I'm registered for the Zoo-de-Mack bike weekend  May 17th and am really excited for it!

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