Sunday, April 20, 2014

Gorgeous and Horrible

Yesterday was long run Saturday.  It was to be my first long run since the Ann Arbor Marathon March 30th, and my last long run before the OC half marathon May 4th.  In other words, my ONLY long training run for the OC half marathon, haha.  (Next weekend I have an indoor triathlon and a 5 mile trail race so no room for a long run then.  Last weekend I did the Martian 5K, so no long run then either, though I did extend it into about 7 miles, so maybe that sorta counts).

Downtown Ann Arbor Saturday 7am 501 runners.  I'm basically front and center, in the bandana and green vest.  
My friend A had agreed to come to this run (despite the very early for him 7am start time) and had sorta convinced me that I should/could be doing a lot faster than my usual 9:40 long run pace, especially after that sub 23:00 5K last weekend that he paced me for.  I decided maybe he was right, so I would try to hang with him and a few other of the "faster" guys, that generally run slightly sub-9:00 pace (8:45 ish).  Nevermind that that would be faster than PR half marathon pace for me, and a full minute-per-mile faster than my usual long run pace.  I got this.  (Spoiler alert: nope).

The course was a 10 mile loop, but I had 12 miles on the "schedule" so I planned to add 2 miles through Gallup Park in the middle of the run.  We headed out and I mostly kept up with the boys for the first 4 or so miles.  (There was a big uphill through North Campus that I had to drop back on, but I caught up to them at the next water stop after that).  I was feeling pretty decent running down Huron Parkway but got to thinking about all the races I had planned over the next two weekends and realized I was being stupid.  There was no reason for me to be doing 12 miles at half marathon race pace on a training run day leading into two weekends in a row of heavy racing.  Duh.  So I slowed down and ran the rest by myself.

Good thing I did!  I ended up bonking big time a few miles after that.  I can only imagine it would have been much worse if I had tried to keep the sub 9:00 pace even longer.  Here are my splits, which basically illustrate the OPPOSITE of a good run.  A nice long progression run (starting slow and getting progressively faster throughout the run is always the best for a good runner's high.  A reverse progression is pretty much the WORST.)

It was such a beautiful sunny Saturday, with perfect temps around 40 degrees, and I didn't even enjoy it because I went out too hard and was hurting so bad from mile 8-12.  My knees were even hurting for some reason!  Not my usual right IT band and ham-ass, but both knees, basically kind of on/under the kneecaps.  Downer.  I had already added a mile out & back into the 10 mile loop by this point, which I regretted, and hence shorted part of the loop to head back toward the store, since I was so ready to be done.  I was shuffling along, lamenting my stupidity, wanting to be done, when I was attacked by a raised area of concrete on the sidewalk, and went down.

Luckily, the damage was pretty minimal.  I somehow managed to avoid any significant road rash on my hands, which would have been the worst given my job as a nurse and the frequent hand-washing and alcohol-ing that goes with that.  Definitely less damage than any of my previous wipeouts!  (I was past due for one, as it's been probably 2-3 years since I've fallen while running).  My tights also escaped without any holes, so that was a huge win too.  The hilarious part is that I made through marathon training outside in a record-breakingly bad Michigan winter without a single fall on the ice or snow, and then manage to bite it on a gorgeous sunny Saturday Easter weekend.  Sigh.  At least I was running by myself at that point.  Nobody saw me except whatever drivers were on the road and some college punk who didn't keep his giggles to himself.  The good thing was that the adrenaline from the fall seemed to restore a bit of my speed, and get rid of my knee pain (except the new knee pain from the fall...that stayed), so the last mile back to the store was much better.

After the run, A & I went to the Broken Egg for breakfast, where I nursed my wounds with pancakes.

It was only my second time at this restaurant but I really like it and would highly recommend it.  They have a lot of really interesting breakfast options.  The last time I was there I got the "Elvis Presley" which is french toast with crunchy peanut butter, bananas, caramel sauce, and a bit of powdered sugar.  That's what A got yesterday (far plate).  I would definitely recommend that, but when I get it in the future I'm getting honey on the side.  Definitely needed more sweetness!  This time, I got banana granola pancakes, which were just okay.  I wouldn't go that route again.

The weather warmed up even more Saturday and I ended up walking around a bit in downtown Ann Arbor, getting a late lunch with a friend, and doing some shopping.  Today I'm hoping to get my first long-ish outdoor bike ride of the year in!  Whoop whoop!

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  1. Waah I'm so sad I won't be running the OC marathon...your long run, even though you make it sound not very fun, made me really jealous. I think I let out an audible sigh as I was reading your post, because a coworker looked over at me and asked what was wrong (yes, I am blog-rollin at work).

    MRI for ankle is tomorrow...hoping it's not as bad as I think it is. LE SIGH.

    Gotta try the Broken Egg sometime. Looks amazing!


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