Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Universe Does Not Want Me to Swim Today


I had plans to meet Lina to swim and do a core workout today.
Pics from my 8 mile run with Lina this past Saturday. 
Normally, I would go to the Master's swim club at Fuller pool, but it's at 5:45 am and I'm working 3p-11p this week, so it's a little too early.  (Doubly so because I stayed late last night for an emergency surgery that came in at 10:30pm so I didn't leave work until 12:30am and didn't get home until 1am-ish)

Anyway, our plan was to meet at my gym at 8:30am, since I have a few guest passes.  We get there and the parking lot is completely empty and suddenly I remember that they are having their annual closure for updates and remodeling this week.  D'oh.

I was pretty fixed on swimming today because I ran and lifted hard yesterday, and my knees (both!  My left IT band started acting up after a backpacking trip last weekend!) haven't been behaving super well.  I pretty much have a rule that I don't run back to back days anymore.  Plus, swimming always seems to really help my legs recover when they're sore, and alleviates knee pain too.

I figured we'd just go somewhere else.  Fuller pool: no lap swimming at that time.  Veteran's pool: no lap swimming at that time.  YMCA: pool is being drained, and their pool is member's only anyway.  Mack pool: closed.  NCRB: closed.  CCRB: closed.
I was so freaking frustrated!!! There was literally no place to swim in Ann Arbor this morning!  I was almost ready to drive to Brighton and swim in the lake, but ultimately went home.   Fuller has lap swim at 12:15pm today so I'll go to that, but now I have to go by myself, which is a little sad.  I may have thrown a small temper tantrum in the parking lot.

I feel better now.

(PS: I posted a race report today too, so go ahead and read the post before this one if you missed it!)

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  1. Womp, womp! I would have been particularly mad! I would either need a swim or a drink :)


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