Monday, September 29, 2014

Lifewalk 10K Race Report (Quick & Dirty Series #2)

This race was....I don't remember when.  Late July perhaps?

It wasn't really a "planned" event.  Justin and I decided he needed to get a race under his belt before the Crim and this one fit the bill timing and location-wise.  It was on Belle Isle.  There was a 5K and a 10K.  We did the 10.

The Good:

  • It was for a good cause.  (Gift of Life, organ donation)
  • Lots of fun activities, things to see, dancing.   It would be a GREAT event to take your kids too.  
  • Medal and T-shirt included. 
  • Flat/fast course. 
  • Great post-race food (pizza, fruit, granola bars, water, lemonade, etc)
The Room-for-Improvements: 
  • There were no awards for runners who placed!  Justin got first place in his age group at his first ever race, and we saw a bunch of awards up on the stage so we waited FOREVER so he could get one, but they were all for non-running things, like fundraising and stuff like that. 
  • The course was short.  I majorly PR'ed whether I look at my pace on my watch or at the "official" time, but the official pace/time are inaccurate because the course was quite short.  D'oh.  The same thing is true for my 5K PR right now.  Here's hoping I can beat them both eventually.  Otherwise I'll be stuck with LIES for PRs at the 5K and 10K distance for the rest of my life!  Still, I got 2nd in my age group with a 46:11.  Justin beat me by like a minute, at 45:something.  Punk. 

Justin looking quite dead post-race.  He went out too fast and was hurting pretty bad at the end, but hung in there.  Lesson learned! 

Race Tee.  Sorry it's wrinkled. 
Finisher's medals. 
Justin hustled a 4X volunteer shirt from the volunteer manning the volunteer booth.  Hahahaha.  

I uploaded some videos of the festivities below.  




1 comment:

  1. I almost didn't watch those videos clips - but I'm glad I watched the last one. So cool!

    Great job on the race! My first 5k was slower than this 10k you did, so you pretty much just won a gold medal.

    I'm disappointed there wasn't a gif of you and Justin in the 4x shirt together.

    My mom was able to be an organ donor, so I love anything that helps the cause :)


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