Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The End of an Era

For now, I am done blogging.  I have found that it only stresses me out, from feeling like I "have" to write a certain recap or document something that happened.  And I don't enjoy doing it anymore.

I started writing a journal instead, where am I more free to say what I want without wondering who is going to read it (a lot of people I know from "real" life) have found this blog, which I don't like.  Talking to strangers about personal topics is much easier than to those I actually know.  If I write a journal entry that I feel inclined to share, I may do so here, but don't hold your breath.  (There is a chance I may start writing here again when my Ironman training gets under way.  Not sure on that.  I expect I'll probably be too busy!)  For those of you that follow my workouts, I am still logging them on RunningAhead, so they will update in the sidebar on the left side of this blog, or you can check in on me there.

I also am in the process of drastically cutting down on the number of blogs I read, and have long ago quit following the goings on of twitter.  I do still post on twitter and instagram, but I only read the things where I'm tagged or mentioned.

I just found that I'm much happier when not planted in front of computer.  Tangible tasks are much more satisfying.

Life is good though.  I think I'm finally getting the hang of it, actually, at the ripe old age of almost-31.   Keep in touch folks, I consider a lot of you my friends now!


  1. Every time I comment and try to add it seems to get erased. Must be a sign. Best wishes, and I may follow you out the door.

  2. I hate that, for now at least, you are not blogging. But, coming from someone who hasn't posted since February, I totally understand.


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