Saturday, April 11, 2015

WCC Indoor Triathlon 2015 Results

Ok, here's the deal.  I'm going to take Janet's advice and write what I want, when I want, no pressure :).  So who knows how often that will be.  I can tell you it will be probably less focused on running and numbers and pictures and good quality funny writing, and more on emptying my brain.  I attempted the journaling thing and mostly find it to be pointless since nobody reads it.  I generally opt out of doing it because...why bother?

Anyway, I just finished the WCC Indoor Triathlon.  In fact, I'm still sitting in the gym in their coffee shop waiting for my friend to finish.

My goal for this race was to WIN IT.  I'm not sure if I accomplished that or not.  They give a 3 month free membership (worth $65 a month = $195) to the overall female and overall male winner.  I won it last year, but it looks like the competition that turned out this year was a bit tougher.  I'll find out later this week.

The format is 20 minute swim, 20 minute bike, 20 minute run, with ~5 minute transitions between.  They just sum the total distance to determine the winner.  (Which is absolutely a STUPID way to score it if you think about it, but I don't feel like going in to it.  I might have talked about it last year. ).   I won it last year with the following results:

Swim: 0.6106 miles (1075 yards)
Bike: 10.08 miles
Run: 2.65 miles
TOTAL: 13.3406 miles

My results today were:
Swim: 0.6534 miles (1150 yards)
Bike: 10.05 miles
Run: 2.73 miles
TOTAL: 13.4334

Soooo......meh.  I feel like my fitness has improved a lot more than those times show.  I'm pretty happy with my swim today, I didn't go all out but managed about 1:45 min per 100 yd pace for 20 minutes.  The bike is pointless because it's based on cadence only, so you just spin at 120rpms with no resistance.  The only reason my distance was slightly different this year was because my feet accidentally came unclipped from the pedals so I had to slow down the pedals for a second to clip back in.  D'oh.  The run is where I'm a little disappointed this year.  I ended up at like a 7:20 pace average for the 20 minute run on the treadmill, but I don't feel like that was a 100% effort.   I think I was a little too cautious at the beginning, trying not to start out too fast.  I just hate treadmill running;  it's so hard to run by feel when you have to push a button to increase or decrease your speed.

Anyway, I'll hopefully update you with my placing later this week.  A distance of 13.4334 miles LAST year would have put me in first place overall, INCLUDING the men, but like I said, I feel like they had a stronger turnout this year.

Next up today:  a 70.3 (half iron) triathlon clinic with professional triathlete Karen Smyers from 11:30am-1p, and a bike clinic with her from 2:30-4pm.

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  1. Glad to see an update from you! I'm pulling for you and hoping you won again. It looks like you definitely stepped up in the swim compared to last year. I remember you talking about this race last year and it does sound frustratingly pointless when it comes to the scoring methods...especially the bike portion. Oh well - it's still a good workout and hopefully you won again.

    IF you get motivated to write more, I'd be interested in hearing about the triathlon clinics/training. ;)


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