Monday, February 29, 2016

Hey, I'm an Ironman

I doubt anybody follows this blog anymore.  Which is good.  I don't really want readers.  And, most of the time, I don't really want to write.  But recently, I kind of do, so, what the heck. <comma overload>

I finished my Ironman;  it went insanely better than I could have hoped or anticipated, especially considering my injury and inability to really run for more than two months prior to the race.  There were issues.  There was a 2 week delay due to a hurricane.  There was wind, there was cold.  But I'll recap another day.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

I've been in a bit of a running/triathlon/fitness funk recently.  Not sure where I want to go with it or what I want to do.  Where do you go after an Ironman?  I could do an Ironman, better....faster?  Maybe.  But 13:02 is a pretty good time.  Also, it takes a lot out of you, perhaps more mentally than physically.  The training schedule and juggling the hours in your day to get everything in.  It didn't feel bad at the time, but looking back, I don't think it was the healthiest thing, mentally or physically.  It is one thing to do it once as a "bucket list" item, but to do it again?  I'm not sure.  Not for a while.

That said, I've gotten better.  My swimming and biking have improved by leaps and bounds.  My running has declined compared to my "peak", but I have backed away from running a bit.  Swimming has been stealing my heart, at least to the point of equality with running.  Biking is still my least favorite, but thanks to Zwift, I at least have something new and different to look forward to.

I'm back to at least thinking about training.  I'm on a pretty regular schedule.  I registered for a race (Glass City Half Marathon, April 24th in Toledo, OH).  And also a half-Ironman (70.3) in Delaware, OH in August.  I'd also like to do an Olympic distance triathlon this year.  I've never done one.  (Actually, in terms of actual outdoor triathlons, I've only done three.  Two sprints and a full Ironman....)  But I haven't decided how I'm going to train/race.  Are they for fun?  Am I going to go for PRs at running races? I had kind of decided that my racing and PR-chasing days were over.  I just don't know.

Lots of things I'm contemplating right now.  The most important one at the moment, is my training log, oddly enough.  I had just "committed" to switching from RunningAhead to Strava, but then I logged on to this blog and saw that my training log from RunningAhead is populating the left side of this page.  Bummer.  More work to be done.  Or switch back.  Not sure.

Ambivalent much?


  1. Congrats!!!! Super impressive swim time!

  2. Glad to see some new posts and congrats again on the Ironman! I loved the Glass City half last year. If you're not up for chasing PRs right now, a different approach can be enjoying new races in different locations. Maybe an open water race? It's a bit of a hike, but I really enjoyed doing the Olympic tri in Caseville last year. Beautiful water with a flat bike route and views of the shore.


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