Saturday, March 5, 2016

Swimming Trauma

I didn't get around to writing a "real" post today, but I did update my pages, including upcoming races, "about me", recommendations, etc.  (See the links at the top of my blog).

Also, I decided to use BOTH Strava and RunningAhead to log my workouts.  Slightly painful, but I don't want to lose all the historical data and analysis features from RA, and right now I'm liking the social aspect of Strava.  We'll see how long they both last.  Of course, the workouts I wear my watch for are also auto-uploaded to Garmin Connect and Training Peaks, so that's a lot of logging apps!

Are any of you doing the Grand Rapids or Motor City Triathlon (still debating between these two for my Olympic distance tri), or the Sylvania Women's only sprint tri?  I haven't registered for them yet, but those are the ones I'm looking at.  Grand Rapids and Motor City are the same day so they're definitely an either/or, not both.

Ohh.....I just thought of a story for you.  I had a super embarrassing swim moment today.  I was at Masters swim like usual for a Saturday morning.  We were about halfway through the workout I'd say, or a little bit more.  It was a bit of an unusual day, in that my boyfriend had come along (it's only his 2nd time), and was swimming in a lane slower than mine, instead of us both being in the same one.

I should point out that my backstroke and freestyle have both gotten dramatically better recently, but I'm mentally still used to struggling just to keep up with my lane.  It's only recently that I've begun to overtake people and have to either back off or take the lead.  Anyway, we were doing an IM set, and my lane was on backstroke.  I had noticed that Justin (my bf) was swimming basically parallel to me in his lane when I had turned at the wall and started my backstroke.  Okay....swim swim swim.  Towards the end of the 25 yd lane my left hand (lane marker side) hit something (someone).  Fine, not that weird for my hand to go under the lane line and bump somebody backstroking.  Then it happened again.  And again.  I was quite sure I was hitting someone in the lane next to me, because that's what usually happens when we backstroke, so I tried to move myself toward the center of my lane.  I kind of thought it was Justin, hitting me on purpose, even though that wouldn't make any sense because we circle swim and he should have been on the other side of his lane, not the side right next to me.  But I decided that must be it, so I just kept swimming, and maybe even *attacked* a little with my hand on my stroke.  Well..... I got to the lane flags and flipped over and was absolutely HORRIFIED to see that I had completely overtaken the person in front of me in MY lane and was basically completely swimming on top of his legs.  I don't know how it didn't even occur to me that it was the person in front of me I was hitting.  I'm not sure I can show my face there ever again.

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