Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Glass City Half Marathon Race Report

Sunday was the Glass City Half Marathon in Toledo, Ohio.  I knew going into it that I wasn't capable of a PR in my current fitness and body mass, so my goal was to give it my all and see what I had.  Benchmarking, I suppose.  Training for this race I got in three 12 milers and three 10 milers for long runs, but was only running 3 days a week at a peak of 25 miles per week (thanks to time commitments with swimming and biking.)  I also gave up on doing speedwork because I wasn't enjoying it.  Based on my training paces I knew I could go sub 2 hours, and probably under 9:00 min/mile pace.  My best guess based on training runs was maybe 8:30-8:45 pace, probably on the higher end of that range.  Luckily, I almost always race half marathons by feel these days (without looking at a watch), so I didn't really need to have an accurate target.

My splits are to the left.  I was pretty much thrilled with the results.  I paced well and felt like I gave it all I had, and did better than I had hoped.  My official finish time was 1:50:07, or 8:25 min/mile.  It was a gorgeous day, perfect really, with temps in the low 50s and sunshine, and the course was mostly flat with just a few little rollers for some variety.  It really couldn't have gone any better.

As I was putting my results in my training log I decided to do a little historical comparison.  I discovered that it was my 25th lifetime half marathon!  Kind of crazy really.  Out of those 25 races, it was my 5th fastest.   It was also a big improvement over my last half marathon in November at 2:01:08 (though that one was hilly!).  I was benched from running from August to October 2015 with my achilles injury, so I am happy to see some running fitness returning!  I'm not willing to put in the work or the diet to get a sub-8 min mile again for a PR in the half marathon right now (or maybe ever again), so I'll recognize a dang good race for what it is, PR or not!

All my half marathons!!  
 The race bib and medal were awesome too, and we all got finishers glasses.  My only complaints about the race were 1) a late start...  it was pushing 10 minutes late I think by the time they finally got done yammering and we got to run;   and 2) the parking lot I parked in was apparently closed until 2pm but it wasn't marked as such and nobody told us that on the way in.  So a bunch of us were trying to leave and they wouldn't let us.  Eventually somebody talked to their supervisor and they started letting us out between runners thank goodness.  This was at like 10 am... the last thing I wanted was to hang around a parking lot until 2pm!  (Ok, I know, realistically I would have gone somewhere walking distance to eat, or spectated the marathon, but still...)

 (It says TyLady because that is Justin's nickname for me.  I don't know why.)

Happy spring racing season to all!


  1. Wow! Great race! I was just happy to run 2 miles in under a half hour today ;D

  2. It looks like you had a great race! I love Glass City - it's my current half PR. Pretty awesome that you've done a total of 25 half marathons too.


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