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I started running in 2005 at age 21 when a then-coworker and now-best-friend inspired me to make the jump from "jogging" (3 miles at a time, solely to burn calories) to "running"...to get better and faster, and to race.  From there I've gone on to complete at least 5 marathons, 22 half marathons, and a shit-ton of shorter races.  In 2013, after being sidelined by my IT band, I picked up biking and swimming and entered the wide world of triathlon, completing my first Ironman triathlon in October 2015.

About me, unrelated to running/triathlon: I'm 28 30 31 32, married separated divorced but in a relationship, no kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats (they live with their "dad").  I used to be an engineer, but now I'm a nurse in the operating room.  I live in Ann Arbor, MI.  I'm from Pennsylvania originally. I really like eating, especially delicious things like cookies and chocolate cake. Or chocolate anything really.  I have a history of food and body image issues, and am always trying (sometimes successfully) to maintain a healthy mental relationship with food and exercise and the like.  I consider myself part of the body positive, fat-acceptance, health-at-every-size, and anti-diet movements.  This wasn't always the case, so I apologize if some of my older posts do not reflect that position.  Live and learn :) That said, I no longer follow blogs that I feel focus too much on weight or calorie/points counting, or that I find triggering for any reason.  Don't take it personally!

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