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"can't-live-without" websites:
  • Athlinks
    • "...the largest and most complete results database for endurance races on the planet, and a fully-featured social network built specifically for competitive endurance athletes"
    • I love Athlinks. Just go to the main page and search your own name to find most of your race results from the past. You can have them load any missing results by filling out a simple online form (not needed very often). Create an account to "claim" your results. Also useful for stalking your runner friends to see how they're doing at their races. If you want to publicly stalk, you can add them as a "Friend" within the site.
  • RunningAhead
    • My favorite training log and mapping site. Full of lots of features such as mapping out routes (including elevation profiles), logging the miles on your shoes, logging all your workouts (running and otherwise), and best of all, lots of data search and display options (make useful graphs, charts, or tables showing your progress). Also it is very import/export friendly so you can always backup your data or import data from another source (another website, your garmin, etc).
  • Strava
    • Unbeatable for cycling, and the social side of logging workouts. 
  • Zwift
    • "Strava meets World of Warcraft".  Social, virtual, indoor cycling app. 
  • DCRainmaker
    • Don't buy any fitness/athletic electronics without reading reviews here first.  
  • Nathan Thermal QuickShot
    • Small, comfortable, insulated, don't-even-notice-it handheld water bottle.  Read more about it in this post
  • Halo Headband
    • Best thing I've found for keeping sweat out of my eyes in the summer. (I sweat A LOT). Also, it doesn't get smelly and nasty even if you don't wash it very often. Yeah, I'm gross. Whatever.
  • Buff Multi-functional Headwear
    • Awesome, especially on coldish days when you start with the balaclava style, warm up and move to the cap, then get hot and finish with the pirate or headband. Hundreds of color/design options too for the fashion-conscious among us.  Also good as a snot-mitten in the winter, and a cooling face mop in the summer.  
  • Buddy System
    • Must-have tool for running with a dog, especially multiple dogs.
  • Walky Dog Bike Leash
    • Not exactly running related, but I love it, and I use it so I can enjoy my runs DOG-FREE and still get them some exercise without spending too much time or wearing myself out
  • Safer Swimmer 
    • Great for visibility while open water swimming, and also for carrying gear (keys, shoes, etc) while in the water!
Workout groups I attend:
Helpful Tools:
  • Time Calculator
    • I got sick of doing "time math" manually all the time, converting everything to seconds, adding everything up, and then converting back to hours and minutes again.  I almost wrote a python script to do it for me, and then I realized that someone on the interwebs has surely developed such a tool already.  This is it.  (Actually there are several to choose from, this is the one I chose). 
  • Treadmill Pace Conversions
    • What to set your treadmill to, to best match outdoor paces.
  • McMillan Running Calculator (Target Paces and Equivalent Race Performances)
    • Enter a recent race time to get your predicted race times at other distances, as well as your target paces for workouts (easy pace, long run pace, tempo pace, etc). 
  • CoolRunning Pace Calculator:
    • Convert distance+time to pace, distance+pace to time, or time+pace to distance.
Non-running sites
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